Be Free with Optoma’s New BE Free8 Wireless Earbuds

Just a few short weeks ago, we covered Optoma’s NuForce’s latest BE2 wireless headphones, with a few constructive criticisms about things that could use a bit of improvement. And in the blink of an eye, NuForce releases their BE Free8, a new product that is not only better in every way, but they are true to their name.

Be Free with Optoma's New BE Free8 Wireless Earbuds

The BE Free8’s by NuForce are in every sense of the word: Free. Optomas’s first truly wireless headphones (meaning no wires, unlike what some companies chose to believe), are just amazing, and I honestly cannot express enough how much I have enjoyed using them over the past few weeks.

With a price tag of $149, they sit on par with the likes of the Airpods, yet add additional perks that make you want to consider these over the competition.

Be Free with Optoma's New BE Free8 Wireless Earbuds

Let’s get straight to the audio quality. The BE Free 8’s sound absolutely amazing, backed by features like AAC, aptX LL and NMFI, you’ll get a high fidelity sound that I can say at this price is matched by only the Airpods.

Be Free with Optoma's New BE Free8 Wireless Earbuds

They also feature dynamic drivers with NuForce’s Sonic coasting which allows transient response and an ultra-low distortion. I’ve taken these out in loud environments like a football tailgate, on a crowded train, and more recently paired these with the app to write this review, and I can truly say I was not distracted once by outside noise thanks to them having CVC noise-cancellation.

Be Free with Optoma's New BE Free8 Wireless Earbuds

Now if you’re not a fan of how the Airpods look, you’ll be happy to know that these not only look a bit better, but fit in your ears a bit more snug, so there’s no more having to readjust the buds in your ears constantly.

Be Free with Optoma's New BE Free8 Wireless Earbuds

This is mainly due to the ergonomic fitting SpinFit 360-rotation ear tips which allow you to move around freely without having to constantly readjust, which is something I’ve done frequently with the competition. There are multiple SpinFit tips that come boxed in the packaging for the BE Free8’s so there’s a little something for everyone in that regard.

Be Free with Optoma's New BE Free8 Wireless Earbuds

You’ll get about four hours on a single charge, but luckily, the included portable case charges, so you can get a full extra three charges with that. As someone who sweats a ton in the gym, I’m happy to say that the BE Free8’s have a IPX5 rating, and while I wouldn’t personally go swimming with these, Optoma does state that they are water and weather resistant, but made it clear by stating rain and sweat so I’m not sure backstrokes with these will actually work.

Be Free with Optoma's New BE Free8 Wireless Earbuds

Overall I’m a fan of the NuForce BE Free8, certainly over the BE2’s I’ve previously reviewed, and if you’re looking for a great pivot from those white headphones that dangle from your ear, look no further than the BE Free8.

For more information on Optoma’s BE Free8’s, head over to their site directly.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Comfortable in ear; about the same battery life as many competitors

What Needs Improvement: Indicator lights should be anywhere but on the bottom

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