Plantronics Voyager Pro Review: A New Flagship for the Voyager Fleet

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Plantronics Voyager Pro Review: A New Flagship for the Voyager Fleet Listen to this article


I’ve used a Plantronics 510 series for about 2 years now.  It’s been a nice, steady workhorse for me.  It isn’t the flashiest, or the loudest, but it has always been rock solid.  Now along comes the new Voyager Pro.  It offers a host of new features and technologies – a whole host of improvements.  Let’s see if it lives up to the “Pro” moniker…

The Voyager Pro is among the latest BT phone headset offerings from Plantronics.  Among its stated features are 2 noise-cancelling microphones, and 3 layers of technology for wind screening.  They also talk quite a bit about their Audio IQ technology.    This technology uses 2 microphones – one for your voice and one for he ambient noise.  Then it compares the 2 signals and “eliminates” the noise from the call.  I will tell you right away – In my opinion, the difference is definitely noticeable!


One of the cool things that the Plantronics 510 was able to do that the Voyager can also do is smartly pair with multiple devices.  For me – this means I pair it with my Cisco VoIP desk phone (with a lifter unit) and with my cell phone.  It’s a very cool feature I wish everyone offered.

On the aesthetic side, the mic screens are a nice looking stainless steel and the mic and earpiece pivot so they can be easily used in either ear.  The Voyager looks purposeful.  The styling is much more aggressive than the 510 series.  That said, it is also one of the more confortable units I have used.  That’s one of the things that kept me on the 510 for so long.  I tried the Jawbone and others, but they were all terribly uncomfortable – I kept going back to the 510.  Now I go back to the Voyager Pro.

As far as the audio quality goes – I used the unit myself for a while and I felt the audio was louder and clearer than many sets I’ve used before.  To further that line of thought, I gave the unit to a friend of mine who has minor hearing problems.  He never seems to fins a headset that is loud enough for him or comfortable enough.  The Voyager Pro won him over, hands down, on both counts.  Additionally, in my use, people I called kept asking me if I was sure I was in the car – the sound was so improved over my 510 headset.


The Voyager comes with a reasonable collection of accessories (power adapter, earpieces, etc.), but here is where I have one of my few quibbles with the Voyager Pro.  The Pro only comes with 3 earpieces, small-medium-large, but all round.  I had more choices with the 510 series, including some oblong pieces.  I wish the Pro also offered those pieces. Unfortunately for me, or any shop supporting both devices, the parts are also not interchangeable.

What I Like: I like the sound quality – it’s really impressive.

What Could Be Better: More earpiece choices!

That minor quibble aside, the Voyager Pro has proven to be a worthy addition to the Plantronics lineup and really should be seriously looked at if you spend a great deal of time on a BT headset.  It is very comfortable and the sound quality is truly excellent! Check them out here: Plantronics Headsets and AccessoriesPlantronics Voyager Pro Review: A New Flagship for the Voyager Fleet.

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