DOOM Resurrection – an iPhone Gaming First Look

Doom_ Resurrection

I have to admit that when it comes to gaming I have a weakness for 1st Person Shooters and… Zombies. But can games that combine the two really work on a device as small and “buttonless” as the iPhone or iPod Touch?

After spending the last 45 minutes or so playing id software’s new release DOOM Resurrection the answer is a definitive “YES!!!”

DOOM Resurrection, currently $9.99 in the App Store, combines great graphics, a good story line, and truly usable touchscreen controls into a fantastic gaming experience. While other games have done a good job with using the touchscreen to control a wide range of actions, DOOM Resurrection has found a fantastic balance between using the accellerometer and “soft-buttons” to give you more than enough control as you make your way through the maze of the UAC Research Facility in Mars City and come face to face with a host of creatures ready to… when you know what they do if they get you.

You can grab the game HERE in the App Store but before you do you might want to take a look at the host of screen caps I grabbed as I first made my way through level one.


Loading was actually far quicker than I expected.


It is ALWAYS a good idea to reboot after loading a large app.


Yeah, I went for recruit this first time through.


The game offers a good storyline that is largely familiar if you have played this genre of game previously.



The graphics are good, not stunning, but certainly allow you to get pulled into the game within minutes.


The calibration and use of the accelerometer work remarkably well and, thankfully, the folks at id made it easy to recalibrate mid-game if need be.


The controls are about the best I have seen. the are easy to access but out of the way so as not to interfere or get activated by accident.



There is WAY too much dialogue in the first level. Hopefully it is less in future levels. A small complaint but a complaint nonetheless.




Yeah, try not to shoot the surviving human you meet early on.


…But then turn around, take aim and get your first zombie-esque creature. Headshots take them out immediately, of course but on this level of difficulty ammo is unlimited.


Blood and sound effects add to the experience.


Not great stats but I’ll take them for a first round of a new game.


In all, the game is definitely worth a look if you like first person shooters and… zombies. At $10 it is toward the top of the scale for games in the App Store but well worth it.

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  1. I don’t like the on-rails aspect of the game :/

  2. DOOM Classic is coming soon, btw.

  3. DOOM Classic is teh one to wait for, IMO. Wolf 3D worked well with true FPS mode, as does Brothers In Arms. On rails … not for me.

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