Bodyguardz PRTX Line of Screen Protectors Is Something New

Bodyguardz has long been one of the top-selling makers of screen protectors. Their products, reliability, and warranty put the company at the top of their game. Now, with the introduction of their PRTX line of screen protectors, the company is offering a new take on an important accessory. There are three different “models” in the PRTX line; here’s a look.

Apple iPhone X BodyGuardz Pure 2 Premium Glass Screen Protector to the Rescue

We spend a lot of time reviewing various cases for the iPhone. That’s even more important now that Apple’s current lineup all have glass backs. That does not, however, mean we don’t need to consider protecting the screen. Thankfully, Bodyguardz offers the Pure 2 Premium Glass Screen Protector. It recently saved my iPhone X. I’m serious… it saved the phone.

Bodyguardz iPhone Protection Products Live up to the Brand Name

The Bodyguardz Ace Pro case for iPhone 7 Plus provides excellent drop protection while staying light weight and maintaining a slim profile. When you add the Bodyguardz Pure 2 screen protector, you’ve got 360-degree protection for your iPhone that won’t break the bank. The Ace Pro case retails for $14.95, and the Pure 2 screen protector retails for $44.95.

BodyGuardz Pure 2 for Google Pixel XL: The Most Smudgeproof Protection Ever?

I’ve been using a BodyGuardz Pure 2 for Google Pixel XL for about two weeks. While that’s hardly enough time to test the claimed 3-5x improvement in scratch resistances or the 25% improvement in drop performance (resistance), I can say one thing; the visibility on this AlumiTech Accessory Glass 2 by Corning screen protector is about the best I’ve used.

BodyGuardz Holiday Blowout Sale: 50% off Everything!

BodyGuardz is offering a special 50% Thanksgiving discount that will run from Nov 24 – Nov 29th. If you’ve been putting off getting a screen protector or a good case for your phone, don’t dally — head over to BodyGuardz and take advantage of this great deal while it’s available!

Bodyguardz ScreenGuardz Pure Makes Protecting Your Smartphone Screen Simple

Judie and I are huge fans of Bodyguardz products and made our annual CES Booth visit with the company. This time, however, we did so with a purpose. You see, my iPhone 6 Plus screen protector was damaged. They installed a new Bodyguardz ScreenGuardz Pure glass screen and showed just how easy they are to put on. Yes, the company’s new ExpressAlign system makes installing your new Bodyguardz ScreenGuardz Pure Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector a breeze. How easy is it? Check THIS out. You can learn more here.

The Bodyguardz Slim for iPhone 5S Is Amazingly Thin Protection

I was long a fan of using the most minimalist iPhone case possible. And while I still love thin, light cases, I now lean more toward heavier cases with more personality. But were I using a super-thin case, Bodyguardz The Slim would be my case of choice. It’s inexpensive, comes in a variety of colors, and gets the job done.

Slide Into Protection with the Bodyguardz Link for iPhone 5S

If you prefer a slider-style case for your iPhone 5S, then you’ll want to check out Bodyguardz Link. Available in six colors, the $29.95 case is a simple and stylish way to add color and protection to your iPhone 5S. Here’s a look at our CES 2014 review sample; stay tuned because we will be giving the sample away!

Shake Up Your Sound With the earjax Echo by BodyGuardz

We’re not sure if the earjax Echo by BodyGuardz intentionally look like large salt and pepper shakers, but they do indeed look like something you might see at a diner. Rather than add flavor to your food however, these shakers are all about music taste. $79.99 each, the earwax Echo pack some interesting features into a small footprint.

Bodyguardz Armor for 7th Generation iPod nano Review

I love my iPhone and iPad, but I also wanted something small and convenient that simply played music. The 7th Generation iPod nano fit the bill perfectly and, thanks to the inclusion of Bluetooth, it is more flexible as a musical source than ever. And while this is one small, tough little music player, it does need protection. I opted for the thinnest, lightest option possible; I bought Bodyguardz Armor, and it is all the protection I need. Here’s a quick look. We’ve written extensively about the Bodyguardz Armor series. It is my default scratch protection on everything from my…

Bodyguardz Sentinel and Armor Carbon Fiber Protection for iPad mini Review, Part 2 of 2

In part one of this two-part review, we looked at the Bodyguardz Armor for iPad mini. It is my skin of choice because it lets me protect my iPad mini from scratches without adding bulk or weight to the smaller, slimmer iPad. The problem with the Armor is that it only protects the iPad from scratches; it doesn’t add any bump or drop protection and, other than the included BodyGuardz ScreenGuardz screen protector, the screen remains vulnerable. Fact is, if you use your iPad a lot you are going to need a case. My case of choice at the moment?…

Bodyguardz Sentinel and Armor Carbon Fiber Protection for iPad mini Part 1 of 2

I love my iPad mini and I’m honestly a bit surprised. Sure, I was looking forward to having a smaller, lighter iPad option but I really expected the mini to be something that augmented my 9.7″ iPad. Instead, it has effectively replaced it for everything except watching videos. I love reading on it. I find it more than fast enough for productivity. And, quite honestly, when I’m using it I really don’t sense it being substantially smaller. It isn’t and that’s the key. It is thinner and lighter but the screen isn’t THAT much smaller. (Oh, and yes, I do miss…

How Bodyguardz Saved My iPhone 5

Ugh! So aggravating! I took my iPhone out of its case while traveling (I know, I know) because it was so bulky. At least I had purchased and installed a Bodyguardz skin on my phone last week; because of that, my iPhone 5 survived a horrific flying drop and slide at the airport. The only damage is my slightly smooshed upper right corner, which is way way better than the cracked screen I expected to see when I picked the phone up from the hard tile floor. If (like me) you prefer to not have a case on your device…

New iPhone? It Deserves a Bodyguardz

If you got a new iPhone today you know it is Apple’s best iPhone ever. you also know you are going to take it with you everywhere you go. That means it needs, and deserves, good protection. One of our favorite ways to protect iPhone (and laptops. iPads and Kindles and… you get the idea) come from Bodyguardz. Judie and I love their Armor series, and their screen protectors are pretty great too. Better still, starting in October they will be offering tempered glass protectors. The company is already shipping a number of options for iPhone 5 protection. You can…

BodyGuardz Ultimate Protective Clear Skin for MacBook Pro with Retina Display Review

While I was waiting for my MacBook Pro with Retina display to show up, Dan was kind enough to loan me his 13″ MacBook Air. Once it had arrived, I found his Air inside a protective plastic shell … which I promptly removed. I did wonder for a few moments about whether or not I was taking a chance of having something happen to Dan’s laptop, but in the end I decided just to be extra careful, Sorry Dan! No tossing his Air in my bag next to the car keys, no laying it naked on the carpeted floor just behind the…

Bodyguardz Garrison for New Apple iPad First Look

Let me be clear, I can’t very well call this a review. After all, the review sample of the Bodyguardz Garrison for the New iPad just arrived a short while ago. I mean, the case isn’t even on the market yet and this is only one of a handful that are already in use. No, this cannot be called a review. But I can unequivocally say that… I have a new go-to case for my iPad. Yeah, it is that good! (so far) Let’s take a (first) look. From Bodyguardz: The Garrison is the latest offering from BodyGuardz in the…