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August 15, 2009 • Reviews

Track your Trips in Real-Time with GPSed for iPhone


If you have the travel bug and enjoy sharing your adventures with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, etc., then GPSed is definitely for you.   If you are a hiker, runner, or biker and just want to track your journeys in real-time, then GPSed is for you.

In fact, just about anyone needing to show their location via GPS, archive their trips, or keep a log of their where they’ve been on GoogleMaps  will likely find something useful with the many features in Shape Services‘ GPSed.

The GPSed application has recently been updated to give you even more options  — and leverage your iPhone’s GPS functions.   One handy feature is the ability to keep track lists on your iPhone.   Keep a log of your favorite hiking trails,  routes you’ve taken to work, or this morning’s dog walk.  GPSed will log everything from your exact location to your speed, time, elevation, and odometer reading.

As you go on your journeys, you can even snap a photo to share on Facebook or Twitter documenting your travels in the moment. The photos will then be pinned to a map showing the location they were taken.

GPSed looks like great application to use on any trip.   Keep track of where you’ve been and share it all with friends and family while you’re doing it.

You can currently get  GPSed for the iPhone on sale  for $0.99 (regularly $1.99)  in the  iTunes App Store.

There are also versions of GPSed available for both Windows Mobile and BlackBerry devices.

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  1. Track your Trips in Real-Time with GPSed for iPhone

  2. Steph Nelson says:

    Track your Trips in Real-Time with GPSed for iPhone | Gear Diary

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