Snappgrip for iPhone 5 Review: A Better Grip on iPhone Pictures

It is often said the best camera is the one you have available. Our smartphones now have cameras that take great photos and always available, but can also be awkward to hold or use with a tripod. The snappgrip for iPhone 5 & 5s turns your phone into a full functioning hand-held camera. 

Snappgrip for iPhone is a combination case and bluetooth controller that essentially turns your iPhone into a comfortable to use point and shoot camera. The kit includes a case and the snappgrip controller which connects via bluetooth and literally snaps onto the case for easy use. You will also need the free snappgrip app in order to take the photos. The snappgrip comes in black or white and includes a charging cable, wrist strap and carrying pouch.

Snappgrip for iPhone 5 Review: A Better Grip on iPhone Pictures

The snappgrip case is actually a great case on its own; it fits well, and all of the buttons and ports are easily accessible. I like how there is a slight ridge around the sides giving a bit of extra protection for the screen. The controller quickly slides into the grooves on the case making camera transformation quick and convenient. The case can even accept optional lens options.

Snappgrip for iPhone 5 Review: A Better Grip on iPhone Pictures

The controller is nice and ergonomically designed, making shooting a photo easier. The controller is small enough to fit in a pocket so it can be taken on and off quickly. The bottom of the controller includes the charging port, on/off switch and tripod connector.

Snappgrip for iPhone 5 Review: A Better Grip on iPhone Pictures

The button on the side of the controller will release the unit from the case for removal.

Snappgrip for iPhone 5 Review: A Better Grip on iPhone Pictures

The top houses all of the camera controls and even makes the snappgrip look like a traditional camera. The dial changes the photo mode on the snappgrip app. The rocker button controls the digital zoom on the phone, giving easier control than pinch to zoom while trying to focus on a subject. The round button acts as the shutter. Pressing the button halfway initiates a middle focus just like many hand-held cameras do.

Snappgrip for iPhone 5 Review: A Better Grip on iPhone Pictures

While the website says to check your favorite camera app for compatibility, my two favorite did not work. Luckily the snappgrip camera app is actually pretty nice. There is standard shooting mode with three scene options. Continuous shooting and video modes are also available. My favorite is the timed shots; you can choose between 5, 10 and 20 second timers. Couple this feature with a tripod and now everyone can finally be in the group of family photos. The only thing I do not like with the app is the video does not shoot in landscape mode even though the camera is turned on its side.


If you ever wished your iPhone was a bit easier to hold while taking photos or wanted to use it with a tripod easily, the snappgrip for iPhone 5 & 5s is the perfect solution. The case looks and functions great as a stand alone case and the easy to use controller feels good in the hand while utilizing all of the application options. I plan on taking this case and controller with me in a couple of weeks on a family road trip to make my photos more steady and use the tripod so I can actually be in them.

Source: The Snappgrip for iPhone 5 was a manufacturer supplied review sample

MSRP: $69.99

What I like: The case is fine on its own and the controller easily slides on and off. I love having the ability to use a tripod.

What can be improved: I wish the device worked with my two favorite camera apps. I do not like how the video mode is handled from the snappgrip iPhone app.


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