Review: Icon Rogue 2 LED Flashlight

Review: Icon Rogue 2 LED Flashlight

Not all flashlights are created equal.  Back in 1979, Anthony Maglica created Maglite.   Maglite is the bar where all flashlights are measured, for me.  Almost nothing could top it back then.  Well, Paul Kim, the designer of the Icon Rogue series of flashlights may be the new Anthony Maglica.  The Icon Rogue 2 is the best flashlight I have come across in all of my LED flashlight reviews I have done.   It is that good.

Review: Icon Rogue 2 LED Flashlight

Let’s start off first with the industrial design.  The body and cap are machined from aluminum.  There are no seams anywhere on the body at all except where the button and cap meet the body.    This is just one flashlight that oozes quality.  It is completely solid.

Review: Icon Rogue 2 LED Flashlight

Notice the open design.  There is a reason for this is to help dissipate the heat of holding the flashlight in your hand.  It does this effectively with out causing discomfort.

The Rogue 2 also comes with a nifty lanyard that is designed to hang the light from your neck.  It is comfortable to wear and also has a carabiner like clip that allows you keep the lanyard itself around your neck while you have the light in your hand using it to light your way.  The lanyard makes it nice to keep the light at the ready so you can have your hands free and only have the light in your hand when you need it.  It is also better than trying to dig it out of your pocket or of a belt clip.


The design is there, but how about the light?  It has 2 modes.  The brightest mode is 100 lumens and the dimmest is 10 lumens.  The battery life for 100 lumens mode is 3 hours.  In 10 lumen mode, the battery will last a whopping 72 hours.  10 lumens is enough to see in most situations so you could probably use one set of batteries for one whole summer if all you used was 10 lumens.  Even with using the 100 lumen mode, you could probably get quit a few campouts out of a set of batteries.   The light itself is a bright white in color and more than sufficient in both modes.

The Icon Rogue 2 takes 2 AA Batteries.  They also make a 1 AA cell version called the Rogue 1 flashlight.  It can only produce 50 lumens.  It looks just like the Rogue 2, but it is shorter.

It is also available in Silver and Black.

The Icon Rogue 2 is $49.99 and the Rogue 1 is $39.99 both from Micro Center.

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