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From the days of the cave man, starting fires has long been something man has struggled with.  The Coghlan’s Flint Striker which is a twist  on a fire-starting technology that is almost as old as time.  Even with today’s more modern technology, you  still might want to use one of these instead of matches or butane lighters.

Coghlan’s Flint Striker is a rod made of magnesium with a striker attached with a piece of cord.  It is simple to operate.  You just take the striker and hold it in one hand with the word UP facing the top of the rod.  Make sure the serrations are in contact with the rod and pull it down the rod.  This results in a shower of sparks that can help you start your campfire.


I took the Flint Striker to a camp out with my son’s Cub Scout pack and the Webelos group tried to start a fire with the assistance of the leaders.  We tried it using toilet paper and some dry leaves.  Try as we might, we could not get it to start the fire.  There must have been some moisture in what looked like dry material.


Before the campout, I tried it with some dryer lint.  Within 2 strikes I had the lint on fire.  All I needed was some kindling wood and fire wood and I could have made a fire in my backyard.


The best thing about the Flint Striker is it is completely safe unless your using it.  It is non-flammable and can also work when wet.  That means if your pack is wet from your hike, you can still start a fire if you can find some dry wood.

The Flint Striker will last for years of fire making.  During my testing and having multiple scouts taking a turn, there is hardly any of the stick used.  This thing will last a long time.  I will probably lose it before I use it all up.

Lastly, like anything dealing with fire, you want to be careful where you start your fire and what your using in your fire.  I don’t want to you to have to call Larry to help you put it out!

Coughlan’s Flint Striker is available for $4.98 on

What I liked: Inexpensive and small.  Weighs nothing.

What needs improvement: Nothing.

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