White collar grime – disposable shirt protectors for those who hate washing their neck

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White collar grime - disposable shirt protectors for those who hate washing their neck Listen to this article

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Are you someone who wears collared shirts? Do you hate to wash your neck (or your shirts). Here’s the product for you. The White Collar Grime protector is applied inside your shirt to stave off those stubborn rings around the collar. You try scrubbing and scrubbing yet those dirty rings still stay on your collar. Why bother with pesky personal hygiene chores like washing your neck when instead you can buy these collar grime protectors.

At the end of the day, peel off the tape, dispose, and your white, blue, pink or any color collar won’t look criminal. It’s perfect for those long days of meetings, followed by client dinners with no time for a change of clothes. As an added bonus, use it to cover up the itchy backside of that embroidered alligator or the scratchy designer label that you just cannot bring yourself to cut off. 10 feet roll comes packaged in a white cardboard box that measures 3 inches square.

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White Collar Grime

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