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October 29, 2009 • Reviews

Mailtones Redux – Now For Blackberry Too!

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I reviewed Mailtones for the iPhone a few weeks back and really like it. The app allows you to assign different sounds to various contacts so that you know who has emailed without even looking at your phone. Now every time Judie emails my phone cheers. Every time Larry emails a fire alarm goes off. And every time my assistant emails there is the sound of impending doom. I love it!

Now Mailtones has rolled out a version for the Blackberry. What do I think??



Like the iPhone version, Mailtones for Blackberry lets me easily pick new email sounds – for all your email, or just the contacts, groups and subjects that are important to you.

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The app ships with a set of tones, both fun and professional. In addition you can use any of your own MP3s or download new ones from the web.


The integration with Blackberry email is quite tight. In fact, they have added a menu item to the Mail app. That means you can grab an email you receive and add a new Mail Tone to it so that from that point forward emails from that person will make that new sound.

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Another feature I love is the ability to set a quiet period during which the application will go silent. That is a great feature since I tend to forget to turn my ringer off at night until the first time it rings and wakes me, or worse Elana, up.

The Mailtones website offers a neat tip…

One useful way to use MailTones is to set your default mail tone to silent, and just set tones for people and messages you want to know about – then when your BlackBerry beeps, you’ll know its a mail message that matters.

I like the app on my iPhone. I like it even more on my Bold.

MailTones is available for the Blackberry Storm, Tour, Curve, Bold and Pearl for $2.99.

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    MailTones Redux – what's good for iPhone is good for BlackBerry

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