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The iconic iPod earbuds are either hated or loved depending on the person.  Either you love them because they fit your ear well or you hate them because they hurt your ears.  Yurbuds aims to change that with their new earbud enhancers.

The custom fit part of Yurbuds results from you taking a picture of your ear with a iPod earbud or a quarter next to your ear.  You e-mail or upload this picture to Yurtopia and then they will scan the picture and get you the best fit for your ear.


When you receive your Yurbuds, you will get one set that is custom fit for your ear.  Yurbuds also ships with several adapters so that you can use Yurbuds with your favorite bluetooth headset.  I don’t have one at the moment so I was unable to test these adapters.


The enhancers just slip over the standard iPod ear buds and they may work with other headphones.  I tested it with a set that came with a Zoom H2 and they fit well.  It just depends on the type of earbud on whether it will work.  They probably won’t work with in-ear style earbuds unless you get lucky and one of the adapters for bluetooth headsets fit.

Yurtopia says that Yurbuds won’t slip from your ears and this is mostly true.  When your ears are wet, I found that they do indeed slip from your ears.


As for comfort, I never had an issue with the iPod earbud, but with these on, they were much more comfortable.  They hardly felt like they were in at all.

As for any sound enhancement, I had not detected any.  They sounded the same with as without but they felt much better when sitting in my ears.

Yurtopia also sells Yurphones which bare a striking resemblance to the iPod earbud.  This is nice since my original earbuds on all of my iPods are long gone.  They work perfectly with the Yurbuds as well.

I want to thank Yurtopia for sending out the sample enhancers and Yurphones.  I was able to keep them.

One set of Yurbuds are $19.99 from  Yurphones are also only $19.99 from the same web site.

What I liked: They fit the iPod earbuds well and worked on some non iPod earbuds as well.  They also will work with many Bluetooth headsets.

What needs improvement: I think they need to be a little more grippy.  They don’t stay in your ear when it is wet.

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