Konnet HardJAC Graffito – iPhone Case Review

Konnet HardJAC Graffito Package

My favorite iPhone cases are those that are more a hard shell than a case. They take a minimalist approach to scratch protection and while they don’t offer much, if any, protection from life’s bumps and bruises, these snap-on cases don’t add much weight or bulk to the device. That’s a trade-off I’m willing to make.

The latest snap-on shell I have been reviewing is a case from Konnet. The HardJAC Graffito is a three part-system that I really love using. (Well, more accurately loved since someone took a liking to it yesterday and, as a result, it is now his.) 🙂  Let’s take a look.

Konnet HardJAC Graffito on iPhone

From The Company:

Stylish Graphic Design Hard Case
Ultra Slim Super Strong Polycarbonate Case
Protects your iPhone from Scratches
Full access to controls and ports
Bonus Graphic Screen Protector Film
Bundle with color printing Screen Protection Film
Free Download Wallpaper to match the Graphic Case and Film


Konnet HardJAC Graffito Back

There are three parts to this system. The first is the actual shell. It is made of rigid polycarbonate. It offers little or no flex (a good thing), snaps on the phone easily, and once one the phone is a tight fit. It is, in fact, tight enough that it almost feels like it is part of the phone itself. The design has a bit of texture to it. Not enough to be noticeable immediately but it does add a bit of grip to it. That’s a good thing because this case is a bit slick.

Konnet HardJAC Graffito Case and Screen

The second part of the system is a screen protector. It isn’t the highest quality screen protection I have seen but it does get the job done. At the top and bottom you’ll find the same design as is on the case itself.

Konnet HardJAC Graffito download

The case also comes with a note about a URL that, when visited, will allow you to download free wallpaper for your phone.


In this case the wallpaper is a perfect match to the design at the top and bottom of the screen protector.

Konnet HardJAC Graffito on iPhone 2

If you line the screen protector up with the wallpaper just right (I didn’t obviously) it makes a seamless design on the front AND back.

In all, while I don’t personally love the design I do love the graphic design of the case I do love the design of the case itself. That is why I was using it as my case-of-choice… until someone who liked it more came along.

What I Like:

Tight fit that wraps the iPhone in a super-protective shell

What Needs Improvement:

The screen protector is not of the highest quality

The Konnet HardJAC Graffito is available for $22.99 directly from Konnet. It is available i Pink and Black

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