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Judie and I were discussing the concept of immortality this afternoon. She pointed out that our legacies live on long after we’re gone thanks to the internet. This, of course, led to a side discussion about how if you don’t show up in a Google search you are immediately a bit suspect. Why doesn’t Google know who you are?

Even scarier, what does Google know about you? So I googled myself…and found one link that still has me laughing.

Remember Barnes and Noble’s conference call about the nook? And Spring Design, makers of the Alex Reader, who are suing B&N over the nook’s design? Well, thanks to Spring Design, Gear Diary (and yours truly) have achieved not only Internet Immortality, but legal immortality as well. Yes, the full transcription of the conference call, including my question to Barnes and Noble, will forever live as Exhibit “H” in the Spring Design Plaintiff’s complaint (see pg 46). And for the record, they never got back to me with an answer.

Now that Gear Diary and I will forever be immortalized as a tiny piece of a lawsuit exhibit, we have truly left our mark on the world.

What about you? Google yourself and share the craziest results below!

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  1. I still can’t believe that you found this! I have to say that B&N is looking totally guilty to me, and I don’t see them shipping nooks in time for Hanukkah / Christmas without a hefty settlement first. 😛

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