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December 12, 2009 • eBooks, News

Do-It-Yourself Book Scanning

Do you have a library of books that are not available in eBook form? Do you love combining power tools with classic novels? Then give this DIY book scanner a shot! Apparently it can scan up to 1200 pages an hour, depending on how fast you can manually turn the pages.

I highly recommend watching the video, as not only does it explain the reasons why the inventor created his book scanner, but he also gives a succinct, persuasive argument for the proliferation of eBooks over paper books. Plus it’s always worth watching when the instructions for how to build a scanner involve “dumpster diving”!

Remember, this is not for distribution purposes, and Gear Diary does not endorse or encourage anyone to pirate books. This is a project that is solely for your own personal use and your own personal books.

If you end up building one of these, let us know! (Preferably not from a courtroom where you are being sued by Simon and Schuster. Seriously, don’t pirate.)

Via Teleread

6 Responses to " Do-It-Yourself Book Scanning "

  1. dougom says:

    Carly, you crack me up; “Do you love combining power tools with classic novels?” Heck, I don't like power tools *in general*, let alone combining them with anything!

  2. Allistair Lee says:

    GD: Do-It-Yourself Book Scanning

  3. stevenshytle says:

    Loving technology and being a college student again in my 30's, I found it incredible last semester that I was having to carry a 64-bit laptop and a 64 pound backpack twice a week. This is that “a-ha” I have been waiting for. None of the books I had to carry had a digital option, but now I have mine. I probably won't have to scan entire books, but this makes the needed sections much easier to process.

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