Cops and Robbers for iPhone/Touch App Review

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Cops and Robbers for iPhone/Touch App Review Listen to this article

Cops and Robbers for iPhone/Touch App Review

This week’s Blue Plate is time sensitive, so read quickly and get to downloading.  Most of the games featured in the weekly column have been puzzle type games.  Cops and Robbers is going to break this streak with a 3D scroller that is sure to provide an entertaining diversion.  The game is usually $2.99 but is free for the time being, so if this one looks interesting you better jump on it; I think you will not be disappointed.

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Cops and Robbers for iPhone/Touch App Review

It is the dark of night in the city and the cops are hot on your tail as you steal money, look for diamonds and escape jail time.  The original mode of the game places the you as a burglar escaping the police.  You may choose to play as male of female and customize your burglar before the big adventure.  The character runs at all times, but it is your job to jump and duck the oncoming obstacles to keep the cops at bay.

The theme and graphics are great for a game that can be had for free.  Each level is carefully constructed and quite detailed.  Many mobile games cut corners when it comes to the details such as backgrounds of levels, but no corners were cut here.  The 3D models look great and I experienced no lag or drawing issues.  The theme gives the feel of an old school cat burglar and keystone type cops on the chase.

Cops and Robbers for iPhone/Touch App Review

One of the strengths the game is how the levels are set up.  Instead of going for a side scroller or following the character in a third person type view, the developers combined multiple styles and views.  For one part of a level you may be behind the character then at the next checkpoint it becomes a traditional side scroller and the final area the character is running towards the camera.  This aspect keeps the game from becoming a simple jump timing game.  I loved the camera angles.

Cops and Robbers for iPhone/Touch App Review

The gameplay is fun.  As the character runs through the level, the player must tap the screen to perform a jump or acrobatic move.  If the tap is timed correctly, the move keeps you on the move, if not timed correctly, the character will fall down or worse, and you may have to start back at the last checkpoint.  Moves include, jumping, ducking, swinging on flagpoles, scaling drain pipes and grinding down railways.  The number of moves keeps the game fresh and challenging.  I have a difficult time swinging from one flagpole to the next.  I just cannot seem to get the timing down very often.  Donuts are randomly found throughout each level which create a speed boost.  A meter at the top of the screen can also provide a temporary boost when full.  Each level contains a secret diamond which can be found in a glowing window.  When the diamond is found you must crack the safe then go back on the run.  Stacks of cash are placed throughout each level and as the robber it is your job to pick all of it up.  This usually involves timing jumps and swings correctly to claim the cash.

Cops and Robbers for iPhone/Touch App Review

Once a level is complete, a new level opens up.  If the level is done fast enough, the option to play as the cop is opened.  Cop mode puts you as the cop chasing the ghost of the robber.  The goal is the beat the robber to the end of the level and catch them.  There are nine levels total and three challenges in each level plus playing each level as the cop.  This should provide plenty of game play when there is a spare moment.  Make sure your skills get better as each level becomes more difficult and the obstacles even meaner.

This is a good game for $2.99 and for FREE it is a great game.  Cops and Robbers is very polished and great thought was taken in level construction.  Get it here in the app store while it is still free.

What I like: Great atmosphere and level construction.  Good 3D graphics.

What could use improvement: Sometimes I have trouble with jumping not being accurate.

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