Green Ronin Brings Dragon Age: Origins to TableTop RPG Gaming

Green Ronin Brings Dragon Age: Origins to TableTop RPG Gaming

It was an interesting choice for Bioware to abandon the Dungeons and Dragons license and create their own rule system for Dragon Age, but now they are turning the tables and have licensed their gaming system to Green Ronin to develop a tabletop game. The game system follows typical standards by having a low level adventure coming first, followed later by further adventures eventually taking the player to level 20.

DAGR was developed around Green Ronin’s in-house system, AGE (Adventure Gaming Engine). Yet, while DAGR fortunately holds true to the Dragon Age setting, it has avoided the obvious pit-trap of following Dragon Age the computer game too closely. There are similarities in some spells and abilities, but you cannot learn to play DAGR by playing DAO; or visa versa. More importantly, DAGR does not a (as many like games have) force the players back through Origins storyline.

The game system is available from Green Ronin for pre-order and is supposed to be available soon, so if you are a fan of tabletop RPG games and are looking for something new to play with friends, this might be worth a look.

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