Primo Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Review

Primo Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Review

We have all seen them and most use them daily.  The old office cooler.  The place where office rumors are spread and the big game or reality show is discussed.  There is something about that cool clean water that makes the day seem to go by faster.  What about having on in your home?  Some people might, but the main reason for not having one is that they are not exactly attractive.  For those who agree with this, Primo has released a new era of water coolers for the home.  The unit Primo allowed me to review has a stylish design with stainless steel front panels and bottom loading concealed bottle placement.  Primo has provided a great option that adds style and class to any room in the home or office.

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I have to admit that I have lobbied for a water cooler several times in my adult life.  My wife has always shot me down with the argument that the cooler with a large bottle sitting on top does not fit her decor.  The bottom loading Primo coolers eliminate her number one argument.  The bottle actually fits in the bottom of the unit completely hidden from view.  The unit I am using is stainless steel with black accents.  It is truly a classy, well designed appliance.  My wife is a big fan of the sleek curves and simplicity of the design.  If using in a kitchen, any style of appliances can be matched.  The bottom loaders come in white, black, solid stainless and the one I have which is stainless with black accents.  Not only is this product functional, it is a nice addition to our kitchen style.

Primo Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Review

Setting up and loading:
Five gallon water bottles are fairly heavy and awkward.  Changing out the bottle of a top loading cooler can be somewhat of a challenge.  The bottom loading unit is simple to load.  To prepare the bottle, peel and remove the entire lid.  Once the lid is removed, insert the hose unit into the bottle and tighten down the connection.  It really is that simple!!  Now that the hose is connected, place the bottle on the shelf in the bottom of the unit and close the door.  When the Primo is turned on, you will hear the pump run which pulls the water into the cooling and heating reservoirs in the top.  It should take around thirty minutes to heat and cool the water from room temperature.  During use, the water uses gravity to dispense but without the well known bubbling and slowing seen with top loaders.  I literally set the cooler up in two minutes the first time.

Style and design are not the only features worth noting from the Primo bottom loading cooler.

The dispensing reservoirs hold plenty of water for normal use.  With myself and my sons drinking water at dinner and in throughout the evening, we have not had a problem with water temperature.  The amount kept in the reservoir seems to always stay cold.  The water also dispenses very fast.  According to Primo it is twice as fast as other standard units.

Primo Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Review

The cold water is the perfect temperature right out of the unit even without ice.  My refrigerator has a water dispenser, but the water is not cold and it requires frequent filter changes.  Sometimes I just want to get a cup and quick drink without getting ice.  Now, the first thing I do when I come in from practice is grab a glass and fill it with cool, clean water.  Primo has me spoiled now!

The hot water is almost boiling.  I guess I would call it piping hot.  To test it, I bought some instant coffee.  The temperature is absolutely perfect!  Most mornings I use my Senseo pod, but it requires me to microwave the coffee for a few minutes to keep it hot.  Not anymore!  The hot water is also perfect for hot cereal, oatmeal and teas.  Not to worry if children are around since the hot side include a child lock to prevent injury.

Two LED lights splash light from the dispensing area.  This is great for a late night drink of water and it also adds some style to the unit.  When a bottle is empty, flashing lights will signal a bottle change.  Despite these additions, the unit uses 25% less power than traditional dispensers.  The back of the unit includes energy saving switches for both the cold and hot tanks.


Primo Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Review

Final Thoughts:
The Primo bottom loading cooler is a wonderful product.  Having hot and cold water immediately available at home is convenient and healthy.  With no need for filters and little power consumption, these products provide an economical water solution.  Primo water tastes great and cuts out the need for costly filtration systems.  This product is of very high quality and looks amazing in our kitchen.  Check out the entire Primo lineup here at their website.  The Primo 900129 retails for $199.00.

What I like: Stylish design coupled with great performance.  A must have if buying a water dispenser system.

What could use improvement:
Nothing so far.

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  1. Why don’t you drink tap water?

  2. Travis Ehrlich | February 14, 2010 at 9:56 pm |

    It tastes funny.

  3. Why does it taste funny? Why doesn’t the water provider fix it?

    I wouldn’t live where the water was bad.

  4. For what it’s worth, I agree with Travis. Tap water does taste funny…in my area, sort of metallic. My fiancee swears it’s all in my head, but I won’t drink un-brita’d water unless I’m desperately thirsty. Even mixed with Crystal Light tap water still tastes weird to me.

    I think some people are just more sensitive to it.

  5. markntravis- I can see it now…

    Travis calls up the water company. “Hi, I don’t like the way the water tastes. Could you please change it? And while you are at it, a little bit of a hint of mint would be lovely.”

    They respond, “I’m sorry Coach Ehrlich but you neighbor got to us last night. They called and said they love the current taste. Since they got in first they win.”

    Seriously Mark The quality and taste of the water may be at the top of your checklist when looking for a residence but there happen to be some great places where, for one reason or another, the water does not taste “right” to someone.

    Moreover some people love the tap water in Manhattan and others hate it. It is a matter of taste.

    And there are other reasons people might use bottled water.

    We, for example, have a well for our water supply. The water was tested when we moved in and is fine but it has a taste to it that we don’t love AND at some point may have other things come into it and we would not immediately know. As a result we got a reverse osmosis system put in that strips anything additional from the water.

  6. Thanks for the review Travis. For years when I lived in San Angelo, it was just understood that you didn’t drink the tap water unless its taste was disguised by tea or coffee.

    Sure, it was safe to drink (according to the city, anyway), but it tasted mineral-heavy — or something. I always kept a water dispenser in the house; lifting the 5 gallon jugs of RO water and flipping them over without making a mess was always a chore. This would have been the perfect solution.

  7. I have lived in LA and San Jose, and in both places the tap water tastes terrible. Sure, there are supposed to be fewer harmful chemicals than in bottled water, but I just could not stand to drink much of it. Very mineral-ly. I went with bottled water in the 2.5 gal jugs for years. Last fall I installed an RO system, and have been enjoying bottle-free, mineral-free water. It’s really convenient to just turn the RO faucet and get great tasting water any time.

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