PDair’s aluminum Zune HD case Review: offers solid protection at a great price

PDair's aluminum Zune HD case Review: offers solid protection at a great price

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We are no strangers to cases here at GearDiary. PDair has offered many cases in the past for us to take a look at, today we will take a look at the PDair aluminum case for the Zune HD. Over the past two weeks I had a chance to take the case out in the field during the Eastern Snowpocolypse and run it through some everyday situations. I am quite happy with the case so far, and plan on using the case to keep my Zune out of harms way. PDair makes a great aluminum cases for most phones and portable devices. The Zune HD does not have a huge offering of cases available, I’m a big fan of protecting my gadgets and my investment.

The case is an ultra-thin all aluminum case that has a hinged front cover and is completely lined with neoprene for shock absorption and drop protection. The front also has a plastic front windows that covers the face and does not allow for use of the touchscreen once its closed. This was one of my major concerns when I first received the case. I would have to open the case the case every time I wanted to change the song, watch a movie or play a game. I decided not to make a hasty decision and try it out for a few weeks to get a good idea of how much I would be inconvenienced by the hinged front cover.

PDair's aluminum Zune HD case Review: offers solid protection at a great price

The look and feel of the case does not take away from the sleek design of the Zune. The thin, textured aluminum is perfectly sized for the Zune and the neoprene keeps it snug inside and well protected. The case has a black textured finish that give easy grip and durability. The case is in fact hard to scratch and if you do get a scratch a damp cloth easily wipes them off. The hinge and latch also allow for a better grip and do not make the case feel more bulky or obtrusive in your pocket. I do not prefer using belt clips, but did temporarily attach it to test the durability and strength. The clip holds up to a pretty good amount of force, and easily fits on a standard belt. It’s easy to take on and off and does not require the use of any tools.

PDair's aluminum Zune HD case Review: offers solid protection at a great price

The aluminum is perfectly cut to size and has no rough edges or snags. It fits easily in my pant pocket or my coat and is virtually weightless. PDair added 4 bumpers to the back of the case I assume for hinge clearance when you place it down on a hard surface. The neoprene lining completely seals off the screen from dust and moisture and adds a nice layer of shock protection if you happen drop it or it falls off your lap when you get out of a vehicle. The case quickly dried off  All the controls and ports are easily accessable from the cutouts in the case and I had no problem trying out a few sets of headphones without any issues on plug clearance.

PDair's aluminum Zune HD case Review: offers solid protection at a great price

After a few good days of use, I felt that the latched cover was not a problem. I had no issues holding the Zune while the front cover was open and could easily use two thumb typing on the virtual keyboard without any problems. The plastic cover seems to hold up well to scratches and scrapes, and can always be cleaned with some plastic scratch remover over time. This is my favorite case so far for the Zune HD that I have tried. I love the solid protection of the slim fit aluminum case and the protection from the inside neoprene. I don’t find the hinge cover to be a problem at all and am rather used to flipping it open to use the device.

The Zune HD does not have quite a wide range of accessories available as Apple’s iPod, but that does not mean you have to settle for $2.00 silicon skins and cheap knock offs. I highly recommend this case to anyone in the market for a well made, high quality Zune HD case. The overall fit and finish follows along with the quality and workmanship of PDair products, and is definitely worth checking out for yourself. At under $30, you really can’t go wrong. At the time of this writing, the case is available at PDair for $28.00, with free worldwide shipping. I want to thank the great people at PDair for sending us this case for a hands on review.

What I liked:

  • Perfect fit aluminum construction
  • Neoprene inner liner for protection from the elements and drops
  • Easy access to all buttons and ports
  • Overall value and price

What I didn’t like:

  • Flip open front cover takes some getting used to
  • Cant use touchscreen through the plastic window

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