Tron Legacy Trailer Is Full Of Awesome!

Tron Legacy Trailer Is Full Of Awesome!
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Tron is a true classic in terms of the technical elements of film making, but unlike other groundbreaking films such as The Last Starfighter it maintains an appeal to this day. My kids thoroughly enjoy the film, the arcade games, the GBA and PC games, and generally like the whole ‘into the computer world’ … even if some of the terminology seems cheesy now.

I knew last year an initial teaser had come out, but somehow I missed the follow-up trailer that was released a few weeks ago. The new trailer is full of light-cycles, discs, cool costumes, glowing objects, and just enough Jeff Bridges to make you want more. Check it out:

When we watched it as a family last year, my kids asked loads of questions – the movie is full of stuff that would have been second-nature to any self-respecting computer nerd in the early 80’s, but is now as arcane as slide-rules and punch cards. The fact that so much technology had passed the movie by, yet the heart remained intact makes me hopeful that this new movie can recapture some of that glory.

You can download various formats and resolutions of the trailer.

Tron Legacy will be sucking me into its digital world on December 17th.

In the meantime I plan to replay the 2003 PC game Tron 2.0, and of course I’ll first be asking the question … “Will it netbook”?

Source: Apple’s Tron Legacy Trailer Site

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