Youda Survivor 2 HD for iPad Game Review


When Youda Survivor hit the iPad back in late 2011, it was amongst a stream of PC ports that all played extremely well on the tablet such as Civilization Revolution, Jack of All Tribes and Tiny Token Empires. Since then bigger games such as Grand Theft Auto III, Max Payne and Baldur’s Gate have impressed on the tablet. So how does the sequel to Youda Survivor fit in? Let’s take a look!

Type of app: Time Management Strategy Adventure game

Platform/where to buy: iPhone/iPad (iPhone version here); available in the iTunes App Store

Developer: Youdagames / G5 Entertainment

Youda Survivor 2 has loads of content, including:
? Over 100 incredible levels in nine absorbing chapters
? 10 extra powers to master and capitalize on
? Two modes of play: story mode and siege mode
? Two playable characters, each with distinct capabilities
? Upgrades, bonuses and awards


Major features: Youda Survivor is the sequel to a survival based game, and finds our hero in a cozy residential home with a spouse (you choose gender for your hero) and a new baby. As flaming rocks fall from the sky you are visited by your old tribe in a vision, and transported back to the island to fight off a new evil threat!

Similar to the original game, you will find yourself rushing around trying to meet the requirements of each area as quickly as possible. Some of the things you will do initially are digging new watering holes, gathering eggs and milk, and making simple water and health potions.


But soon you will need to more than collect things – you will need to process them into other items. For example, you need eggs to make fried eggs, milk to make cheese, and so on.

How do you process items? First you need to buy things such as an egg cooker, which will transform an egg after a short time; but you can also upgrade your processing tools to make them more efficient – fry two eggs at once, for example.

As you proceed through level after level, you eliminate enemies, gain acclaim and get harder and harder tasks. Very quickly you realize that if any of your resources isn’t being used, chances are you wasting precious time and might fail the mission.


Ease of use/Overall performance: Sounds great, right? Well, not so fast! Every time you dig a hole, or mix a potion or perform just about any task you use up some of your health. It doesn’t replenish by itself, so you need to create potions or destroy enemies who threaten the beach to gain more health. Certain items combine to form more powerful potions – but naturally they also take longer to make.

And since there is a time management element involved, you are constantly battling the clock trying for that Gold level! But even after a few levels that starts to get challenging – you will be struggling to balance your health against the objectives and the time, so you will often require a few tries to reach the gold medal.


But along the way you will have a load of frantic fun. You complete tasks and use energy to gain tokens, which you can in turn use to advance levels and buy new powers and machinery to allow you to more easily complete your tasks.

After a long play session I found that some of the tasks and levels felt repetitive, but in the more common short sessions of a couple of levels I was always entertained and challenged. I spent about a dozen hours playing through the 80 challenging levels in order to my quest for Gold times, and thoroughly enjoyed Youda Survivor throughout. If you are a fan of fast-paced time management games, definitely give this one a shot!


Would use again/recommend?: Definitely! I loved the fast-paced and engaging gameplay; fun challenges; loads of stuff to do!

Suggested changes/wish list for updates: Levels can get repetitive after playing for a while

Source: Publisher provided review code

Price: Free download with $4.99 in-app purchase – (sale price until April 13th, then the price returns to $6.99. iPhone version on sale for $2.99, regularly $4.99)

Here is the trailer:

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