Collapse! Chaos Free for iPhone/Touch

Collapse! Chaos Free for iPhone/Touch

Just when I thought I had played or reviewed just about every puzzle collapse game, I found Collapse! Chaos Free.  The game was number two on the free app rankings this week so I gave it a try.  At first I was leery of another match the color blocks collapse game and did not expect anything we have not seen many times.  To my surprise, this is a fresh and fun version of an old favorite style of game.  Details after the break…

Collapse! Chaos Free for iPhone/Touch

Collapse! Chaos Free is played like an RPG game with levels needing to be unlocked as the player moves along a map.  There are four lands in the world full of many levels on your goal to reach Quest Master status.  Each level completed awards the player with coins and stars.  Stars are used to unlock gates along the map and coins are used to buy power ups and specials that can be used along the way.  I always like puzzle games that include power ups and the idea of buying them with earned coins is actually quite fun.

Collapse! Chaos Free for iPhone/Touch

The idea of the game is similar to many games in this genre.  Remove three or more adjacent blocks of the same color by taping on the group of blocks.  Most collapse games drop blocks or have a board full of blocks that drop as they are removed.  This is where the developers created a unique game play.  The blocks actually start on the bottom of the board and slowly move upward.  The next line of blocks is visible and can be added by tapping on them.  This is a valuable strategy to add a color for large point totals or even achieving a “Clean Sweep” which means the board is totally clear.

Collapse! Chaos Free for iPhone/Touch

There are six game modes which brings some variety and will keep you coming back for more.

Classic Mode:
In classic mode you can remove 3 or more adjacent blocks of the same color by clicking on them.  Don’t let the blocks reach the top!

Strategy Mode:
Blocks don’t come until you remove a few stacks of blocks- Using power-ups won’t add new rows!

Puzzle Mode:
Try to clear all of the blocks from the play area.  Tap the undo-icon to undo your previous move.

Panic Attack Mode:

Like classic mode, but extra blocks drop from above.  Removing 5 or 6 blocks in one click pauses the upper spawn row.  Removing 7 or more blocks empties and pauses it.

Continuous Mode:

This is an infinite version of the classic mode.  See how long you can survive!

Countdown Mode:
This is a 2 minute version of the classic mode.  Do your best to get as much score as possible.

Collapse! Chaos Free for iPhone/Touch

As you can see, there is plenty in Collapse! Chaos Free to keep you occupied for a long time.  The free version includes ads, but they are not too intrusive.  They are the exact ads found in Words With Friends and only show up at the end of levels so they do not affect game play.  Go get Collapse! Chaos Free here in the app store for free and start your quest!

What I like: Unique version of the collapse puzzle game theme and many game modes.

What could be improved: I would like to see more of the screen used for the puzzles.

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