Review: Speck Products Kindle 2 Cases

Review: Speck Products Kindle 2 Cases

Speck Products was kind enough to send me one of each of the new cases that they just released for the Kindle 2.  While I have heard of Speck from Dan’s review and Judie sharing her thoughts on some of Speck’s line, this is my first hands on experience with a Speck case.  Will the cases match up to what I have been using?

Since I received a Tom Bihn pouch from Judie, I have been using it to hold my Kindle 2 while commuting to work.  While the pouch is perfect in size in most every way, it does nothing to protect the Kindle 2 while I am reading.  Both of the cases Speck has sent will allow me to do just that.

Review: Speck Products Kindle 2 Cases

The first case I tried happens to be my favorite.  Speck calls this the Fitted Kindle 2 case, and they are not kidding.  I was sent the Fitted case in Black and White Plaid.  This case is a hard case, and it is perfectly molded to fit the Kindle 2’s form factor.

Review: Speck Products Kindle 2 Cases

The back is covered in a beautiful black and white plaid fabric.  The only noticeable branding on the case is the Speck logo near the bottom.

Review: Speck Products Kindle 2 Cases

Installation was a piece of cake.  It only took a little pressure around the edges to get the case to snap on.  Taking it out is only a bit more difficult.  I usually start taking it off near a port like the volume rocker or near the button openings.

Every port is completely open and the openings are perfect.  You will not need to take this out of the case while using it or connecting it to a charger or computer.

I only have a couple of complaints about the case with the first being that there is no screen protection for this case.  Even while in this case, it will fit in the Tom Bihn sleeve I have been using, so this is why it’s a favorite!  I can keep using what I have been using to protect the screen and keep it scratch free with the Speck Fitted case.

The second is it adds a little weight to the Kindle.  While it’s still light enough for me, others may not like the extra weight.  Even with this extra weight, the Kindle 2 still feels lighter than a iPad.

Review: Speck Products Kindle 2 Cases

The second case is called the Dust Jacket.  This case makes the Kindle 2 look more like a book.  I received the one in Black Leatherette.  While it feels a lot like leather, you can definitely tell it’s not.

Review: Speck Products Kindle 2 Cases

The Dust Cover has one unique feature in that once you flip the front cover back, you have an optional stand.  This lets you stand the Kindle 2 up on a counter or desk at a reasonably good reading angle.

Installation of the Kindle 2 in this case is a piece of cake:  just insert the bottom of the Kindle 2 in the case first and the top is only held in by a clip.  Taking it out is equally easy.

The Fitted wins me over with its good looks and excellent construction.  While the Dust Jacket is nice too, I can’t imaging reading for an extended period with it on its prop.  I think this prop is ideal for those who store recipes or cookbooks on their Kindle 2.

The Fitted Case is $39.95 and the Dust Jacket is $34.95 both from Speck Products.

Fitted Case

What I liked: The Kindle never has to come out of this, plus I can still use a sleeve to add protection.

What needs improvement: Some sort of protection for the screen.

Dust Jacket

What I liked: Looks more like a book; the prop works well.

What needs improvement: Needs to be a touch thinner; this adds about double to the Kindle’s svelte figure.

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  1. RT @GearDiarySite: Review: Speck Products Kindle 2 Cases

  2. I just got a Kindle 2 and am looking for cases. Would the Dust Jacket be suitable for holding in one hand while you read?



    P.S. “This ad’s about double to the Kindle’s svelte figure.” That should be “adds”. 😉

  3. Joel McLaughlin | May 11, 2010 at 4:23 pm |

    A editor must of just caught it. I was going to correct it and it was already correct.

    As for the case, yes it would, but I preferred the Fitted’s feel for one handed reading.

  4. I like the idea of having the case and screen protection in one piece — if it’s good for one-handed reading. So it’s good to know that it will work for me.

    The other item I was considering is the Amazon leather jacket which is about the same price ($34.99). Have you tried that by any chance?


  5. Andy Leviss | August 28, 2010 at 9:18 pm |

    I had this case for a while, and just returned it. While I like the feel and protection, there were two flaws that ruined it for me, one minor, one major:

    1) The stand, if you’re not going to use it, makes the cover needlessly bulky

    2) The plastic bracket that holds the Kindle into it might just be the worst design ever. It’s, again, needlessly bulky compared to strap-based attachment methods. Those other methods are also more secure, I’ve had the Kindle pop out of the mount completely at least once, but far worse, the entire mount is very easy to pop off of the jacket itself. If bumped on the wrong end of the jacket, the entire mount pops off it’s mounting clips, and you have to click it back on, which usually takes a couple attempts unless you first remove the Kindle from the mount.

    So now, the hunt for a new case begins anew 🙁

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