Go800 Connects SMS to 800 Numbers.

Go800 Connects SMS to 800 Numbers.

Ok I am still trying to figure out why this is a good idea.  Go800corp.com has started a service that is kind of neat, but then kind of makes me ask why.

What it does is supposedly makes it easier to contact companies with 800 numbers on your cellphone.  You basically text a keyword to 46800 and then your phone will ring and be connected to the 800 number the keyword belongs too.  They call this a Voice Keyword, and yet you can’t just call them and use your voice to establish the call?

Plus since smart phones are becoming all the rage, is there really a need for this?  I have Where installed on my G1 and anytime I need a number I look it up using Where. The best part with Where is that it’s not restricted to 800 number; it also uses the GPS to locate the nearest location.  Anyway, to give it a try, you can text Chase to 46800 and it will connect you to Chase Bank’s customer care line.

I guess if you use a dumb cellphone this might be useful, but even then you can use Goog411 which is quite good.  I guess the one good thing about go800corp.com is that it is free for users.  Only go800corp.com’s clients must pay to set this up.

For more details on this service, head on over to the go800corp.com website.  It is free for the end user and varying prices for companies who are interested in getting their own Voice Keyword.

What I liked: Um, not sure I liked anything on this.  Find phone based apps far more convenient than this.

What needs improvement: I think they should invest their time in writing a phone application for iPhone or Android.  It would be MUCH more useful.

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