WirelessGround iPad Silicone Skin Review


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WirelessGround iPad Silicone Skin Review

So you just dropped a couple of hundred dollars on your new iPad right?  While there aren’t a ton of case options for your new device yet (many are starting to pop up, but the iPad is still new after all) those that are available are expensive.  You still need protection for your iPad though right?

Still with me?  If you’re down to your last $20 because your iPad tapped you out what you need is an affordable case that protects your iPad from bumps and dings, keeps the overall form factor of the iPad unchanged and one that looks good too.

Enter the WirelessGround Silicone Skin.  Normally priced at $24.95, but on sale now for only $14.95, this case is inexpensive enough to be a temporary solution until your can afford something nicer.  It could also serve as what the case community likes to call a “throw away case.”  One that you slap on at any moment and not worry about.  Or if you like the feel of the silicone style case, perhaps this skin might become your iPad case of choice.

Read on to find out more, and then head to the WirelessGround web site to learn more.

The Silicone Skin is available in six colors:  Black, Clear, Blue, Purple, Hot Pink and Neon Green.

WirelessGround iPad Silicone Skin Review

WirelessGround was kind enough to send me a clear version of the skin for review.  It arrived in plain, plastic packaging with a cardboard, dummy iPad inside.

WirelessGround iPad Silicone Skin Review

Slipping the iPad into the silicone skin is quite easy.  The material is very elastic like and pulls open and retracts back with little effort.  Once on there are ample cutouts for all the iPad’s ports and buttons. You’ll have full access to the dock connector on the bottom and there is a large cutout for the iPad’s speakers.

WirelessGround iPad Silicone Skin Review

The volume rocker, on the side of the iPad, is covered by the case but it’s still completely usable.  There is a cutout for the orientation lock which is large enough to access with your finger tip.

WirelessGround iPad Silicone Skin Review

On the top of the case you’ll find a cut out for the headset port.  It’s not terribly recessed, which means most brands of headphones should fit.  The iPad’s sleep/awake button is covered by the case but still retains good feedback when pressed.

WirelessGround iPad Silicone Skin Review

The clear version of the case provides a see-thru look of the back of the iPad.  There is a circular cutout for the Apple logo too.  I have the back of my iPad protected with a Clear Coat skin.  If you don’t, I suggest placing something over your Apple logo (an iPhone screen protector would work well) to prevent it from being scratched when using any case with an Apple logo cutout.

WirelessGround iPad Silicone Skin Review

The case protects just the chrome on the front of the iPad but does offer a lay on the table design.  The front of the case is thick enough to create a little bumper which protects your device’s screen when laid face down (not sure I’d recommend ever doing so but nice to know it’ll be safe if you do.)

WirelessGround iPad Silicone Skin Review

If you’re in need of an inexpensive case for your new iPad the WirelessGround Silicone Case might just be what you’ve been looking for.  The iPad is new.  There are sure to be a host of case choices unveiled over the next few months.  If you can’t afford them all and don’t want to be sorry that you spent $55 on one case only to find something you like better released a few weeks later, hold off!

But don’t leave that shiny new iPad unprotected.  Get yourself something until you spot the case of your dreams.  An affordable silicone skin like the WirelessGround Silicone Skin provides a good amount of shock and impact protection and offers color choices that allow you to add your own sense of style to your case.

Who knows, you might just find that a skin like this is all you end up needing.

You can learn more about the WirelessGround Silicone Case for the iPad by visiting the WirelessGround website.

M.S.R.P. – Regularly $29.95 (on sale now for $14.95)

What I like – affordable, multiple colors, bezel protected.

What I don’t like – as with most cases of this type the silicone does seem to stretch a bit.

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