CrazyOnDigital Rotating Stand iPad Case Review

CrazyOnDigital Rotating Stand iPad Case Review

When I finally joined the ranks of the iPad masses, the first thing I did was start researching cases. While I was peripherally aware of the general price points for cases, I was surprised at how expensive many of them were! I began to wonder if this was because demand drove up prices, or if you really do get what you paid for. When CrazyOnDigital offered me the chance to review their 360 Degree Folio Case, which retails for $49.99, but sells on Amazon for the jaw-dropping price of $15.99, I was excited to give it a shot!

CrazyOnDigital Rotating Stand iPad Case Review

The case is a simple folio-style with magnetic SmartCover features, and in my experience, over the last few weeks, it has worked like a charm. I had no issues with the iPad not sleeping correctly, or not waking when the lid was lifted. The iPad itself snaps into a hard shell, and the fit is extremely secure. All the ports and buttons are easily accessible, and the corners are protected, which I really like. The only knock on protectiveness that I can give the case is that there is a large circular cutout to show off the Apple logo. That’s nice, but I would rather have the whole back protected than show off the logo and leave a small portion open to dust, grime, etc.

CrazyOnDigital Rotating Stand iPad Case Review

Along the outside of the front cover is an elastic band that wraps around and keeps the case closed when not in use. While the SmartCover magnets do sleep and wake the iPad, they do not hold the lid in place. There is also a small, barely visible “CrazyOnDigital” logo embossed in one corner. Along the inside is some sort of synthetic material. It feels very suede-like and soft, and so far has not left weird streaks on my screen like the Apple SmartCover did. More importantly, the lid has two deep grooves in it for flexibility in display and typing angles. I tried the case on my lap, lying on a bed, and at a table, and found that the iPad stayed stable propped up in the grooves on all surfaces.

CrazyOnDigital Rotating Stand iPad Case Review

The best part is that you can rotate the iPad within the case, so you can use it vertically or horizontally while it is still propped in the stand. That’s why there is a big round cutout, though I still maintain leaving a big old hole for the Apple logo is gratuitous.

There are really only a few nitpicks I have with this case. One, the elastic ribbon that keeps the case closed is nice, but I worry that repeated use would eventually weaken the elasticity. Two, because this is polyurethane leather, it smelled a bit chemically for a few days. However, the smell eventually faded and now you really need to get up close and sniffing it to notice. Finally, the case does add a fair amount of bulk, but that is personal preference. I like the protectiveness of the hard shell and thick lid, and I recognize that means giving up a slimmer profile.

CrazyOnDigital Rotating Stand iPad Case Review

When this case arrived I thought it was a unique way to integrate a flexible iPad stand into a folio style case. While I was writing it, Dan posted his review of the Aranez Swivel case, which bears a remarkable resemblance to this one. A regular commenter noted that both cases look an awful lot like the Targus Versavu case that has been out since the iPad 2. It is hard to say precisely whether companies are directly copying or simply being “inspired”, but it is worth noting the similarities. I did some further digging, and variations on this design seem to exist in many cases, from CrazyOnDigital to Aranez and Targus to even the AmazonBasics line of cases. As you can see from the screenshot above, Amazon carries a number of cases that look similar. I reached out to CrazyOnDigital for comment, and we will see what they say.

CrazyOnDigital Rotating Stand iPad Case Review

Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend the CrazyOnDigital Rotating iPad case at its current Amazon price. If you are considering a protective case for your iPad, don’t want to spend a small fortune, and don’t mind polyurethane, this case is a home run!

MSRP: $49.85, but on sale at Amazon for $15.84

What I Like: Protective design; SmartCover works perfectly; Stand gives you flexible viewing angles; Build quality is excellent

What Needs Improvement: Strong polyurethane smell; Elastic strap is a potential weak point


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