BoxWave Type Runner Bluetooth Keyboard Review

BoxWave Type Runner Bluetooth Keyboard Review

Using my iPad as my primary option is still fairly new for me. We all know that the iPad is an amazing user experience for numerous tasks, but while it is easy to use and I can actually type pretty well on it, there are times that using the onscreen keyboard are not optimal.

When I am completing work tasks or especially Gear Diary posts (which is not often enough during football season), it is much faster and less tiring to type on a physical keyboard. The only problem with this need is having to carry a full-size keyboard while on the go. The largest advantage to using an iPad for most tasks is being totally mobile. I often do not carry a gear bag, just my tablet in a protective pouch. Carrying a full-size keyboard adds a rather large device that also must travel, virtually cancelling any advantages a tablet provides. One solution might be using a much smaller keyboard that includes all of the features of my full-size version; the folks at BoxWave are trying to solve both issues with the Type Runner Bluetooth keyboard. Let’s take a look.

BoxWave Type Runner Bluetooth Keyboard Review

Easy to Take with you:
It’s time to put an end to over-sized and overweight portable keyboards. Our formula: extreme weight loss equals extreme portability. The Type Runner’s 80-key keyboard is full size in function and half size in dimension and weight. Measuring approximately 8.75” x 4.25”, Type Runner fits easily into a bag, case, or sleeve without adding bulk.

Easy to Maintain:
You will be even more impressed at the extreme lightweight feel when you find out a single 2-hour charge of the on-board battery grants 90 days of standby time and 100 hours of uninterrupted use. So much power, so little added to your wired footprint.

Easy to Integrate:
The Type Runner is Mac-compatible and comes with several built-in Apple commands. Sync your Type Runner to your device via Bluetooth and instantly have one-touch controls at your disposal:
Volume up/down
Power on/off (powering on via Type Runner bypasses the “slide to unlock” function)
Start, stop, fast-forward, and rewind music and videos
Home button
Search button
On-screen keyboard on/off
Easy on the Eyes, Easy on the Fingers:
The Type Runner Keyboard comes in either a brushed black or silver finish. The keys have a smooth-matte feel and rounded edges make them ultra-sleek and responsive. The four, raised, no-slip feet on its underside ensure no unwanted movement.

The Type Runner Keyboard from BoxWave: Extreme portability. Extreme integration. Extremely easy.

BoxWave Type Runner Bluetooth Keyboard Review

Using the Type Runner keyboard is super easy. Turn the keyboard on and press the “connect” button. Just like many Bluetooth devices, once in the settings, simply type in the number code provided and it is ready to go. Despite the small size, the keyboard includes all of the features found on a laptop or desktop machine. Rarely does a smaller device include numerical keys or Fn keys, but they are all included. I was pleased with the ability to control music, volume, search and even open photos from key taps.

BoxWave Type Runner Bluetooth Keyboard Review

The Type Runner is mostly made of plastic with a brushed aluminum top. While it is attractive, I would not plan on crushing it or dropping it much. The keys are responsive and feel just as good as the keyboard that came with my Mac Mini. It did take a short time to get used to using a more cramped space, but the letter keys are all full size makings the adjustment simple. For anyone needing a physical keyboard to use with a tablet or phone, the BoxWave Type Runner is a perfect option. With the full feature key set and small size, users will get full functionality in an ultra-portable size.

BoxWave Type Runner Bluetooth Keyboard

MSRP: $39.95

What I like: Full size keyboard functionality in a portable size

What Needs Improvement: My only concern is how well the keyboard will hold up over time

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