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June 7, 2010 • Editorials

iPad Quick Tip- These Don’t Mix Well With iPads…


Here are just a few things that don’t mix well with your new iPad…

1. Water



2. Magnets


I got an email from my friend Michael who warned me about getting any case that has even the smallest of magnets. Seems his brand new case is completely messing up the iPad’s ability to serve as a GPS thanks to the havoc the magnet plays on the device’s compass. I pulled out the Orbino case I am reviewing and, sure enough, the tiny magnets that hold the cover down make the compass spin like a top as you move it around the iPad.

Surprisingly, a lot of cases on the market have small magnets built into them. DO NOT BUY!

3. Maui Jim Sunglasses


We already know the iPad isn’t much use in direct sunlight. We also know that it goes into safe mode to prevent overheating rather easily. What I did not expect however was that it would not play well with my Maui Jim sunglasses. Seriously, the polarization of Maui Jims is such that it all but blackens the entire iPad screen. And that is true regardless of the screen brightness. Here… take a look…

This is my iPad screen as seen with the naked eye.


This is the same screen as seen through my Rayban sunglasses.

(Left side Raybans, Right side naked eye.)

And this is the same iPad screen as seen through the Maui Jims.

(Left side Maui Jims, Right side naked eye.)

Here’s a shot as seen entirely through the Maui Jims…


Seriously, Maui Jims and iPads DO NOT like each other.

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  1. iPad Quick Tip- These Don’t Mix Well With iPads…

  2. geardiary: iPad Quick Tip- These Don’t Mix Well With iPads… –

  3. palmfox says:

    Hey Dan,

    Try turning your Ipad into landscape mode with the Maui Jims. The polarization effect should be significantly better.

  4. Dan Cohen says:

    Well would you look at that!! 🙂
    Great tip thanks.

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