Clash of Clans for iOS Review

 Clash of Clans

My latest and greatest addiction came from a source I never thought would put me on an iOS game; the bow hunting forum that I actively participate in had a post about joining the Texas Bow Hunters clan on Clash of Clans. Several of the members expressed their enjoyment of the game, so I thought maybe it was time to try it out. In a few short days, the game has become a huge addiction, and it turns out to be a lot of fun. Let’s take a quick look.

 Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a combat strategy game that requires players to build a village, train troops and battle other users. Like many games of this genre, the key is to balance offensive, defensive and resource management while protecting the village. The game revolves around three resources to purchase, train and upgrade. Gold and elixir can be mined in the village as well as pillaged from opponents. Each is used to purchase and upgrade different aspects of the game, so I found a balance of funds to be the best approach. It never fails, if I fill one of my storage bins, I need the other item to upgrade.

I recommend upgrading the storage for both of these as well as extraction early in the game. Just like in real life, the resources make the game go. There are also green gems which can be used to speed up builds and training as well as to buy more gold and elixir.

In app purchases are available for more gems if you get stuck, or they can be obtained through achievements and cleaning up tree stumps and rocks. I highly recommend holding onto the gems unless it is an emergency. I made the mistake of using them freely when I started the game, only to realize they are difficult to replenish without real world money.

 Clash of Clans

The ultimate goal for beginners is to build up and protect the village while saving up enough gold to rebuild the Clan Castle. Once the castle is complete, players can join clans of other real life players where they can share tactics and troops to be used as back up. As the game progresses, the donated troops are essential not only for attacking battles, but also in defending attacks on the village. Attacks only happen when the game is closed and everything rebuilds  itself. A defeat will cost trophies and some elixir and gold, but is not terribly disruptive. You can replay the attack to check out any defensive weaknesses and even attack that player to get revenge.

Attacking other players is the best way to collect gold and elixir and the only way to gain trophies. Most battles are matched with players with similar levels, so just about anyone can jump in and fight. The battles get pretty difficult as the game progresses, as I have recently found. I had to rearrange my village with the help of some of my clan’s insight. Overnight, I did not lose an attack and picked up a good number of trophies. Now to upgrade!

 Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans has proven to be an enjoyable and highly addictive game. While there are often long waits for upgrades, the thought required in the game moves fast. It takes a lot of trial and error and planning to successfully defend the village from attackers. I am by no means an expert in the game, but I have learned a lot very quickly on wall placement and decoy use. Many styles and thought processes can be successful, and looking at other villages will help players advance their own strategies. You can download Clash of Clans here in the app store for free. [Note from Judie – Kev has been hooked on this game for months! =P]

What I like: Fun game play where strategy and planning really counts; Playing actual users is enjoyable.

What could be improved: I hate the wait times and wish I could choose whose villages I want to attack. It would be fun to battle friends.

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  1. It was so funny for me to edit this, knowing how hooked Kev is on Clash of Clans! I will catch him at the oddest times checking in on his clans … it’s worse than Farmville. 😉

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