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December 7, 2012 • Reviews, Travel

Lifeproof is Your iOS Device’s Best Travel Companion

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While Elana, Judie, Kevin and I have been down here in Aruba this week both my iPhone 5 and my 4th generation iPod touch have been well-protected in Lifeproof cases. The cases do a great job of protecting your device from bumps, bruises and… water. And while I didn’t want to dump my iPhone 5 in the Caribbean, I did take my touch with me when we went snorkeling. Not only did it work well, but it worked well enough that I am completely and totally impressed and, next time, I WILL trust my iPhone to the Lifeproof case.

Screen Shot 2012 12 07 at 2 42 36 PM

From Lifeproof:

Make your iPod Gen4 your constant companion. The LifeProof case for Apple iPod touch Gen4 lets you take your iPod Gen4 where you never thought possible. Have fun wherever your life takes you, and take your iPod Gen4 everywhere.

Here’s some of the video I shot with the touch…

The Lifeproof for the 4th Generation iPod touch is $69.99. Check it out.

The Lifeproof case for the iPhone 5 is a new design that is thinner and lighter and… pretty amazing. I’ll have more to say on it soon. In the meantime, you can check out the $79.99 case here.

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