Review: Feuerwear Jack Vertical Messenger Bag

Review:  Feuerwear Jack Vertical Messenger Bag

Earlier this month I had a chance to review one of the most unique bags I’ve come across, the Feuerwear Scott Laptop bag, which is made from recycled fire hose.

Feuerwear was also kind enough to send along one of their Jack Vertical bags after I mentioned that I thought it would be the perfect fit for the Apple iPad. I prefer vertical style bags to the more traditional horizontal briefcase or messenger style. Vertical bags just seem easier to carry and they’re more of an “eye-catcher.” The Jack is no exception.

Since each Jack bag is handmade, you’ll select the exact color and style you want to receive on the Feuerwear website.

Review:  Feuerwear Jack Vertical Messenger Bag

Like the Scott bag I reviewed, the Jack I was sent is black. That means the exterior of the bag was made from the interior of the fire house. On the inside of the bag they used the exterior of the hose. Confused? All this means is that the interior shows more wear, where they fire hose was used. It adds to the individuality that makes every Feuerwear bag one of a kind.

Review:  Feuerwear Jack Vertical Messenger Bag

The Jack features a Velcro closure method and has two very long parallel strips of female Velcro running along the front. I’ve mentioned it before, I’m not a huge fan of Velcro, but in this case Feuerwear has used enough of it that I’m not concerned with how it’ll hold up and perform over time.

The bag itself measures 24 cm x 30 cm x 9 cm.

Review:  Feuerwear Jack Vertical Messenger Bag

Like all of the Feuerwear bags the Jack features an adjustable, non-removable, shoulder strap that’s made from old seat belts. I’m not really sure that the fact that the shoulder strap isn’t removable on this bag is a negative though; there’s no handle to it would be rather difficult to carry the bag without the strap.

Review:  Feuerwear Jack Vertical Messenger Bag

The inside of the bag is quite roomy. It features one large pocket and one smaller, tighter pocket behind it. Sewn into the tighter back pocket is a zippered compartment.

Review:  Feuerwear Jack Vertical Messenger Bag

There’s also a key-keeper at the front of the bag for keeping items close at hand and easy to find.

Review:  Feuerwear Jack Vertical Messenger Bag

The interior zippered compartment is good for storing items which you don’t wish to have out in the open should someone peer into your bag.

Review:  Feuerwear Jack Vertical Messenger Bag

The Apple iPad fits comfortably inside the Jack with or without a protective case.

Review:  Feuerwear Jack Vertical Messenger Bag

And you’ll still have room left over for other accessories like chargers, cell phones, Mp3 players, books etc.

Review:  Feuerwear Jack Vertical Messenger Bag

All of the bags Feuerwear makes are eco-friendly. Each one is handmade from recycled products so you’ll not only receive a one of a kind bag that looks and functions fabulously, you’ll be helping the environment too.  For a bag of this type you’d expect to pay a lot more than what they’re asking too.  I think it’s a great deal.

The Jack has quickly become my go-to bag when it comes time to transport my gear. It doesn’t have a ton of individual pockets like other gear bags do but for me that’s a good thing. Often times I’ll lose things in a bag, forgetting in to which of the pockets I place it. I prefer the open space that the Jack bag offers.

The Feuerwear Jack Vertical Messenger is available directly from the manufacturer’s website.

M.S.R.P. – €98 ($118 at time of review)

What I like – Unique, one of a kind look; open compartment

What I don’t like – Shoulder strap is not removable

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