LapWorks iPad Recliner – Review

LapWorks iPad Recliner - Review

Since I’m using my iPad as a notebook replacement most of the time I need a good solution for holding it at the right angle for reading and writing on it using a Bluetooth keyboard. Judie knew I was looking for something that would fit the bill so when LapWorks sent her a review sample of their iPad Recliner she forwarded it to me to use and review. (Thanks Judie!)

I’ve been using it in my home study for the last week and have gotten a good sense of its utility . Let’s take a look…

LapWorks iPad Recliner - Review

From LapWorks-

Well, now you’ve got your iPad – pretty cool device isn’t it? A device you can hold in one hand that can do sooooooo much. But you’re not going to hold your iPad in your hand all the time. . . . are you? Maybe, just maybe you might want to set it down every once in a while. And when you do why not set your iPad in its own little recliner? As you can see from the images, the iPad Recliner is an incredibly versatile easy chair for your iPad and will provide the prefect viewing angle when you just want to sit back and watch . . . . hands free! You choose the best angle that gives you the sharpest image and viola! Instant viewing clarity.

When you change your body position you can effortlessly adjust your iPad’s angle. The iPad Recliner is the Lazy Boy of iPad loungers. It quickly and easily adjusts to almost any incline from a laying down position to a sitting up position. Now there are no limitations to how you can view your iPad.

The iPad Recliner is made of high impact ABS structural plastic. It supports a generous rubber cushion rest for your iPad’s foot and a soft rubber strip across the top that’s your iPad’s headrest. Hard plastic never touches your iPad because it’s constantly supported by a soft comfy seat. The iPad Recliner has a foot rest width of 8” and a head rest height of 8”. If you want your iPad to be as comfortable as you are in an easy chair, then the iPad Recliner is your best choice. Treat your iPad as well as you treat yourself, treat your iPad to the iPad Recliner.

LapWorks iPad Recliner - Review


Versatile easy chair for your iPad for best ergonomic viewing

Adjusts quickly and easily to any viewing incline

Provides the prefect viewing angle when watching hands free

The iPad Recliner is the Lazy Boy of iPad loungers

Generous rubber cushion rest for your iPad’s foot

Soft rubber strip across the top for iPad’s headrest

Available in a two-tone color of silver and black

Read hands-free in any position and relax while reading

Carries a 6 month warranty against defects

LapWorks iPad Recliner - Review

When the iPad Recliner first came I was unimpressed. The unit is light plastic and the “mechanism” for adjusting the angle of the iPad is simply a hand-tightening screw. In fact, in order to change the angle you need to turn the unit over to loosen then tighten the screw. Finding the right angle is a matter of trial and error that involves turning the Recliner over, making an adjustment and then flipping it back repeatedly until you find the angle you want.

Yup, I was initially unimpressed by the unit.

Why then am I likely going to order a second one? Because the iPad Recliner does exactly what it promises to do and I’m finding it super useful.

The bottom “lip” of the recliner is thick and slightly rubbery. The result is that even when the iPad is at a rather steep angle there is no need to worry about it slipping out. It works just as well in portrait as it does in landscape.

LapWorks iPad Recliner - Review

In addition, the thick bottom lip means that it can be used even when the iPad is in a case.

LapWorks iPad Recliner - Review

Here it is at a steep pitch.

In all cases the sync/charger cable remains accessible during use.

The iPad Recliner does the job it sets out to do and it does it well. Mix in the fact that it is well priced, especially when it is on sale as it is now, and it is a good solution for using the iPad hands-free.

The bottom line is this– I was initially unimpressed with the LapWorks Recliner but having used it for a few days I’m sold on it and want one both at work and at home.

The LapWorks iPad Recliner has an MSRP of $44.95 but is currently available from LapWorks for $34.95. For more information or to order visit the LapWorks site.

What I Like–

Let’s the iPad sit at a variety of angles, works in both landscape and portrait, still able to sync and charge the iPad while using it, can be used with both a “naked” iPad and an iPad that is in a protective case, I’ve never had a concern the iPad would slip out during use.

What Needs Improvement–

Feels a bit on the cheap side, company logo is too prominent on the lower front edge of the Recliner, need to remove the iPad and turn the Recliner over in order to change the angle

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