Toast iPad mini Cover is Gorgeous Wood iPad mini Protection

Toast iPad mini Cover

Toast iPad mini Cover

Carly recently reviewed Toast’s Wooden iPhone Cover for the iPhone 4S. She liked it… a lot. (Read the review.) The company was also kind enough to send along one of their Toast iPad covers. The Toast iPad mini cover is laser-cut and made from real wood. They are designed to both protect and enhance the look of the iPad mini.

Toast iPad mini Cover

Toast iPad mini Cover

The Toast iPad mini Cover I received was made from walnut and had a squid etched into it. I tend to prefer a plain panel but have to admit the squid design looks pretty neat. I really love the company’s attention to details.

Toast iPad mini Cover

Check out the squid’s eye!

For example, notice the small hole at the center of the squid’s head? That’s actual a hole that lines up with the silver Apple logo on the back of the iPad. Or notice the oval shape on the lower third at the very left? That can easily pop out if you want to leave the microSIM slot exposed and accessible. Then there is the right hand side. Most of the edge can be removed if you plan to use an Apple SmartCover. That way the cover’s magnets will make physical contact with the iPad and get a stronger grip. That level of attention to detail is truly impressive.

Let’s take a look on video and then jump into some of the details.

One thing you won’t see on the video, or in these pictures, is the option to personalize the Toast iPad mini Cover. That is offered when you order your cover and is a great way to personalize the tablet without having Apple etch something on it that reduces the resale value.

Toast iPad mini Cover

It just looks cool doesn’t it?

The company notes that their product adds grip, protects the back, works with the Apple Smart Cover and is easy to apply. I can vouch for the fact that while it does all those things it does fall a bit short on the “protects the back” aspect. More on that in a moment.

The company also notes that the Toast iPad mini Cover is not easily removable and is not intended to be. That’s a good thing since it means the wood won’t start peeling away after a few weeks of use! (Obviously I cannot vouch for this since I just installed it.)

Toast iPad mini Cover

The exposed top bugs me

As I noted in the video I am a bit troubled by the fact that the Toast iPad mini Cover leaves an entire part of the iPad mini’s upper back exposed.

Toast iPad mini Cover

The exposed bottom does too

The bottom suffers the same shortcoming. Some might not mind the exposed areas but I do. After all, if I am going to the trouble and expense of having extra protection for my iPad mini I really want protection. For someone like me this falls short. That’s a drag since I really like this product and would have loved to be able to be 100% positive about it.

Toast iPad mini Cover

Toast makes lovely products that look great and offer terrific quality. The attention to detail is remarkable. If you are looking to enhance your iPad’s appearance, add some grip and protect most of the sides and back you are going to love it. Learn more, check out the options and order yours on the product page.

You can learn more and order yours here on the company website.

MSRP: Plain- $35; With design-$40

What I Like: Three different wood options; Option to have a plain back or one of a number of interesting designs; Ability to customize the case; Easy to apply but hard to remove; Terrific attention to detail

What Needs Improvement: Top and bottom of the iPad’s back remain exposed

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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