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June 30, 2010 • Reviews

The M-Edge Flip Jacket for Apple iPad Is Simple and Effective Protection

If you’ve got an iPad, some of the first things you probably considered after purchasing it were how to protect the screen from scratches and how to protect the device from bumps and dings. Here at Gear Diary we are having fun exploring all the options, and this latest — the M-Edge Flip Jacket for Apple iPad — will appeal to anyone who likes simple, clean lines and a no-nonsense stenographer’s flip-top notebook style.

Constructed from black, Scotch-Guard treated canvas with smooth, tan leather trim, the Flip Jacket uses a 1/2″ strip of elastic to keep the case securely closed. The black canvas looks business-like, but be advised that it will snag every bit of lint of pet-hair (says the girl with a mostly-white cat). My only issue with the tan leather is that I didn’t even realize it was real, until I smelled it.

This is where I will get nit-picky for just a moment; bear in mind that these are items which most people would probably not even think twice about. The leather’s grain is a little too smooth, which makes it look fake — like pleather. The leather’s smell is not yummy and rich, it is much more sharp. Those are my only real criticisms of the case, and as I said … nit-picky!

The Flip jacket measures about 10″ tall x 7.75″ wide x 1″ thick, and without the iPad it weighs 9.4 ounces. It feels very minimalistic and light, although both the front and back are reinforced and lightly padded.

The back side of the cover has the only evident branding — a leather badge with an embossed M-EDGE logo.

Opening the cover, a cream-colored soft microfiber lined interior is revealed. The two elastic loops that look like an extra long pen holder are actually loops for ear bud cable management.

There are four loops which together form the cradle which will hold the iPad; The two at the bottom are solid leather and approximately 0.75″ wide, and the two at the top are a combination of leather and elastic which measure approximately 1/3″ wide. The long 1″ wide elastic strap running the length of the cover is for sliding your hand under when holding the case in the open position; it adds an extra measure of security, and it makes the case more comfortable to hold flat-palmed versus having to grasp it by the side.

This method of securing the iPad is very effective, and it also offers near complete corner protection when the case is closed.

As you can see here, the case extends just enough past the iPad’s edges to add a bit of a bumper should the package be dropped.

Now it’s confession time: I have dropped my iPad twice, and it wasn’t inside a case either time. Eeep! I have not been able to find any evidence of damage (dings or scratches) anywhere on the iPad, and believe me — I know exactly how lucky I was. These days my iPad is always in a case of some kind, and of course I haven’t dropped it since. But if I were to drop my iPad while it was in this case, I wouldn’t be too concerned as I believe it would be more than adequately protected.

The placement of the elastic makes all ports and other necessary buttons or speakers accessible …

The only slightly obnoxious spot is the screen lock — just above the volume rocker. The slider switch is partially covered, but it is not difficult to push the elastic out of the way and control the switch when needed.

Here’s a shot of the iPad’s top — no obstructions here!

The Flip Jacket is not an overly fussy or bulk-adding iPad case, instead it is an effective and simple solution for carrying your iPad in safety without foregoing style.

The M-Edge Flip Jacket for Apple iPad is available directly from the manufacturer.

MSRP: $49.99

What I Like: Simple protection that keeps bulk to a minimum and doesn’t add much weight; four leather and elastic straps securely hold iPad in a cushioned microfiber holster; corners are protected when the iPad is in the case, but all ports and buttons are accessible; built-in earbud cable management; elastic loop on cover makes flat-palm handling safe and secure

What Needs Improvement: Black canvas is a lint and pet hair magnet; leather is so smooth-grained, I thought it was pleather

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    The M-Edge Flip Jacket for Apple iPad Is Simple and Effective Protection

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