USBCELL Batteries Make You Wonder Why You Didn’t Think of This First

USBCELL Batteries Make You Wonder Why You Didn't Think of This First

Do you remember those old rechargeable AA batteries that first emerged in the 1980s?  You had to charge them overnight just so you could get about 2.4 hours of use in your Sony Walkman cassette player?

Yeah, these aren’t those.

USBCELL AA batteries are unique in that they have a built-in USB connector hidden under a cap at the + end of the battery.  Open the cap, insert the battery into an open USB port on your computer, and let the charging begin!  You’ll achieve a 90% charge in just 5 hours and – for use in a pinch – a 50% charge in just 1 hour. There’s even a indicator light to show the charge level.

Made with nickel metal hydride and designed for hundreds of charges, the USBCELL is available at Tiger Direct, CompUSA, Circuit City, Best Buy, and for $17.99 for a 2-pack of AA cells.

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Jeff Frantz
Jeff’s interest in computers and technology began by watching too many Star Trek reruns after school. His first computer was a Timex-Sinclair, for which he had the 16K – yes, 16K – add-on pack. His current interest in gadgets was spurred on by the original Palm Pilot; from there it was a slippery slope to Pocket PCs, Archos media players, Sony Cliés, and various Apple products.