Earth Day Gadget: Belkin Conserve Valet

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Earth Day Gadget: Belkin Conserve Valet Listen to this article

Earth Day Gadget: Belkin Conserve Valet

Earth Day is coming up!  What better way to support mother earth than to save a bit of power when charging your devices? At least that is what Belkin must have been thinking when they released the new Belkin Conserve Valet.

The Conserve Valet is a 4 port charging station that has a unique ability.  It detects when an attached USB device is charged up and when detected, it shuts down the power to the port.  This helps us conserve at least a little bit of power; it also lets you manage those many cords with some built-in cord management.

The Beklin Conserve Valet will draw no power when it’s not in use, which is much better than most cell phone wall chargers.

The Conserve Valet is $39.99 direct from Belkin or $29.99 from AmazonEarth Day Gadget: Belkin Conserve Valet [affiliate link].

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