Bracketron Announces Snap2.0 Chargers So You Won’t Need Extreme Power Mode!

I am starting to worry my phone is becoming sentient. See, on a typical day, the battery holds up just fine all day. But if it’s a busy day, that’s when my phone drains the battery like a hungry vampire. Luckily, Bracketron is working on their Snap2.0 chargers, an affordable way to snag fast charging with compatible phones!


Basically, phones with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor can charge in under two hours with the right charger, like a Snap2.0. So if you’re at the airport and your battery is waning, you can at least get a decent boost before you board your plane. Or if, like me, you forget your phone needs to be charged until you’re already in the car and need a strong battery for binging on Serial GPS. Even if your phone isn’t compatible with quick charging, the Bracketron will work. And the Snap2.0 uses USB ports, so it’s easy for anyone, from iPhone users to Android ones, to plug in for a quick top off.

If you’re not sure if your phone uses the proper Snapdragon processor, check out Qualcomm’s handy site. At $29.99 for the wall charger and $24.99 for the car charger, the Snap2.0 is a great tool for your gadget bag!

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