iAngle Review: Won’t Stand for Serving Just One Purpose

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iAngle Review: Won't Stand for Serving Just One Purpose Listen to this article

iAngle Review: Won't Stand for Serving Just One Purpose

In the ever-expanding world of “i” accessories, there are plenty of single purpose items.  Versed General seems to have said “pshaw!”  to that and are offering up their iAngle for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  It’s a stand!  It’s an earbud accessory!  It comes in black or white and it’s $9.99!  One side of the iAngle works as an earbud wrapper, but turn it over and it will act as a stand, holding your iDevice at a good viewing angle.

Versed General was nice enough to send us a black iAngle for review.  I have to say, it’s just as advertised.  Made of a flexible rubber, the iAngle was neither too large nor too small.  It would easily fit into the front pockets on a pair of pants or a small pouch on a backpack or messenger bag.  My earbuds fit nicely into the circular openings in the center of the iAngle and the cord wrapped easily around the groove on the outside.  Two small cutouts near the top of the iAngle allow for the end of the headphone cord to be secured into place so it’s not flopping in the wind, as it were.

iAngle Review: Won't Stand for Serving Just One Purpose

iAngle Review: Won't Stand for Serving Just One Purpose

The other side of the iAngle is designed to hold an iPhone in a landscape orientation.  Just set an iPhone in the groove cut into this side of the iAngle and it will hold the iPhone at a good angle for viewing.

iAngle Review: Won't Stand for Serving Just One Purpose

iAngle Review: Won't Stand for Serving Just One Purpose

The only potential drawback of the iAngle currently is that it was designed for the 3G/3GS iPhone models, so it doesn’t hold an iPhone 4G very well (although Versed General noted that it will work when using some of the protective cases available for the 4G model).  The good news is that there should be a 4G-compatible model available in the next few weeks.

You can order the iAngle directly from Versed General’s website here.

MSRP: $9.99

What I Like:  Small, inexpensive, holds the iPhone in the right position for viewing and provides a nice way to control your ear buds.

What Needs Improvement:  Not much; it’s a pretty simple design.  It will be nice when they release a version that works with my iPhone 4G.

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