X Games 16 Mobile App for iPhone/Touch Review


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X Games 16 Mobile App for iPhone/Touch Review Listen to this article

X Games 16 Mobile App for iPhone/Touch Review

It is no secret that I am a sports nut.  It is how I make a living and sports have been a daily part of my life for many years.  Most of these sports are the usual, football, basketball, baseball/softball.  I played these sports, I coach these sports and I am a fan of these sports.  One thing people do not know about me is that I was a skater in the mid to late 80s.  My buddy had a 12 foot half-pipe and we skated everyday.  In fact, I made the varsity baseball team as a freshman and my coach lived across from the ramp.  He told me I would never play baseball again if he saw me on a skateboard.  That ended my skating career.  Even today, I love watching skating and all of the other extreme sports.  I love watching the X Games!  Just in time for this years competition, ESPN has released an all-inclusive X Games 16 app.

X Games 16 Mobile App for iPhone/Touch Review

The X Games 16 Mobile App will help keep track of the entire event which starts Wednesday.  Tap the schedule tab on the bottom of the screen to find out when all of your favorite events take place.  Clicking on the X symbol to the right of the event add it to your own personal schedule which helps narrow the information to just what you want to see.  Schedules can also be viewed by event such as skate or BMX.  Clicking on an event opens a new window where competing athletes can be viewed along with profiles.  A 3D version of the course is also available along with the results.  If you are actually at the event, tickets can be purchased through Ticket Master.  A results tab is also provided to find a list of all completed events and the winners.

X Games 16 Mobile App for iPhone/Touch Review

The news tab is where you go to find any information about the X Games aside from just results.  Again, the search can be narrowed by events or all news.  Search blogs, news or twitter for a wide range of information available from the web.  When choosing Twitter, a list of the most popular athletes are presented if you want to just follow your favorite.

X Games 16 Mobile App for iPhone/Touch Review

The media tab brings the ability to check out photo galleries and videos from the X Games.  Prior to the event beginning, there are some photo galleries available, but videos are not added until after the events.  The More tab is where all the settings are toggled.  Enter Twitter and Facebook information and autofill tweets.  While at the events, a guest services tab is available to assist in the experience.

X Games 16 Mobile App for iPhone/Touch Review

The top of the screen includes small bubbles which add a few more features.  The music note brings up a special Slacker Radio station to get you in the X Games mood.  I have never seen this included in an app before.  The camera provides the ability to take or add photos and the text bubble allows you to tweet and update Facebook from the app.  These are all nice additions to an already feature packed application.

Keep connected to the X Games by planning what to watch and follow competitions missed easily with the X Games 16 Mobile App.  Since I am currently preparing for the first day of football practice next week, I will miss most of the competitions on T.V. so this app will help me follow my favorite events and athletes.  The app is feature packed, polished and best of all FREE!  Check it out here in the app store.

What I like: The app has a ton of features that are easy to use.

What could be improved: The addition of live video would be sweet!

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