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Remember back in the day when the iPhone did not have an App Store?  I actually joined the iPhone party in the modern era with thousands of native apps to choose from.  In those early days, the only way to utilize the phone beyond the provided Apple apps was through Web Apps.  Because of the thousands of app possibilities, I have not previously had much of an experience with these types of apps.  Actually, I never even knew how to find Web Apps for my phone.  Well it seems that developing Web Apps for IOS 4 can bring some pretty powerful applications and they are being made available in a new app store called OpenAppMkt.

To install OpenAppMkt, open the web browser on the phone and visit  From that site, simply follow the instructions and the link will be added to the spring board with its own custom logo.  Opening the app will bring a familiar application store type experience.  Opening the app brings a list of staff chosen apps.  Most of these are free and all seem to be pretty popular.  Apps can also be browsed through categories and top apps.  Both paid and free apps are available.  Click on the app to see a description, read reviews or install.  If you have ever used the app store, using the OpenAppMkt will be second nature.

As the screen shot shows, the apps can be shared through Facebook, twitter or email.  Look at screen shots and reviews by clicking on the extra tabs.  To install the app, click the Free or priced button.  A pop up screen will require a confirmation to install the new application.

Once confirmed, all that is required is to add the app to the home screen.  Click on the + sign and add to homepage.  Since these are web apps, there is not a long download to wait for.  Basically, the icon will load up and the new app will be available almost immediately.

I have decided to keep all of the web apps separate, mostly since I prefer to use them while on a wi-fi connection, so they are in a folder.  These apps could easily be included anywhere they fit into your personal organizational system.

The OpenAppMkt store is fairly new so there is not a huge number of apps.  There are plenty to make it worth the time to download and browse so go get it.  All of the apps I have tried are not quite as powerful as all native apps, but they are surprisingly good.  Over wifi, I have not noticed any lag and the graphics are as good as most native apps.  I am sure there are some limitations with games, but the few I tried are beautiful.  I actually think the YouTube and Facebook apps are just as good if not better than the standard apps.  I see nothing but growth and improvement for the app store offerings.  Jailbreakers will find some nice goodies included to install Cydia apps.

Choosing OpenAppMkt for the Blue Plate Special is something new for me.  The app itself is free but there are pay applications available.  Basically, any need or taste can find something to use in the store, even with the small number of offerings available.  To download and install, open the web browser and enter and follow the instructions.  For more information and the ability to browse the apps on a computer check out their site here.  Give it a try and I promise you will find something you will enjoy or need.

What I like: Application options outside of iTunes App Store new possibilities.

What could be improved: More apps!  I am almost positive apps will keep being added, but right now, the selection is fairly limited.

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