Super Ball Escape for iPhone/Touch Review

Super Ball Escape for iPhone/Touch Review

I have a running joke with one of my students about the iPhone being so much better than her Android phone. We joke about battery life and applications and games. The other day she was so proud to show me a new game where you tilt the phone like a board to guide a ball around a maze to. I laughed and told her IOS has plenty of games like that and some of them were much more involved than just moving the ball around the maze. She asked to see one so I searched for something cool. I stumbled across Super Ball Escape and deemed it Blue Plate worthy. Mike mentioned earlier today that it is available for free right now. Let’s take a look.

Super Ball Escape for iPhone/Touch Review

Super Ball Escape is set in space and requires players to guide a Ball Bot through challenging mazes which only have one way out, but endless ways to get there. After watching Baby Bot perform through the training stages, business men are impressed and want to mass produce the robots. They will not make a deal unless they strip Baby of his emotions. The creator of the robot decides to program his door to open that night and allow him to free himself from the commercial business men. It is your job to guide the robot through the levels to freedom. This will not be easy though since other robots, traps and difficult mazes face this trip.

Super Ball Escape for iPhone/Touch Review

The graphics are 3D and look fantastic and the levels are well thought out and gradually increase in difficulty. You must keep playing to hone your skills to continue the escape. I love how the game takes the usual tilt physics game and places a fun storyline and unique game play into the mix. Guiding the robot will not only require staying on the maze, but also planning your path and avoiding the enemy robots. There are seven upgrades that must be earned to continue defeating levels. For example, when the robot touches a metal object such as a box or trash can it will morph into that item to avoid robots or even have robots pick up and carry to a safer place. Be careful not to get into camera bots’ view or they will zap you with an electrical charge.

Super Ball Escape for iPhone/Touch Review

If you enjoy tilt physics games but are tired of the same old wooden box maze game, give Super Ball Escape a look. Insert a cute story line and huge, challenging levels and the genre takes on a new look. Each level advances the difficulty so the game does not get monotonous. The greatest part of the game is that it is completely FREE! You will need a wifi connection to download on the phone or just add from your computer. Go get it here in the app store and help the Baby Bot escape before his emotions are taken.

What I like: Great graphics and responsive physics make gameplay enjoyable.

What could be improved: A game this good for free does not need a lot of improvements.

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