Zinio’s Reading Revolution Campaign! Let Them Eat Cake uhm… Read Magazines

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Zinio's Reading Revolution Campaign! Let Them Eat Cake uhm... Read Magazines Listen to this article


I’ve made no secret of the fact that I am a huge fan of Zinio’s awesome iPad app. Since I got my iPad I do most of my reading on it. That includes magazines and I much prefer to use the single Zinio app for all of them to cluttering up my homescreen with lots of individual magazine apps. In addition I love the fact that if I have a magazine through Zinio I can also read it on my iPhone, iPod touch and Mac. That convenience is a huge benefit. Mix in the fact that Zinio now carries over 2700 magazines on the iPad and hundreds on the iPhone and it should be obvious why I’m such a fan.

Those individual magazine apps got a bit of a boost today when it was reported that they had reached a deal with Apple to make subscriptions easier. Personally I’m sticking with Zinio for the aforementioned reasons. It is just too convenient for me not to.

Earlier today I received an email which said–

With Apples promotion of Zinio’s app, (and lots of consumer support) we are now #1 for the iPad and iPhone in news and #12 in overall iPad apps (and rising) (we are in the top 5 for over 25 countries)

That’s pretty impressive and to celebrate they are launching the Zinio’s Reading Revolution Campaign! If you aren’t using Zinio it is a great time to give it a try since… as part of this campaign you can get free magazines.

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Here’s how…

Visit Zinio here at this link, sign up on that page and enter the promotional code 13623.

Seriously, it is that simple. Two easy steps and you’ll get a few free magazines. The price is right, the app is great and the magazine selection is getting better and better.

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