Long Standing Game, RuneScape, Set to Come out with a Creepy Update: Necromancy

Well, well, well. After all these years, RuneScape is still kicking. I remember thinking that this was the coolest game way back when it was browser-based; since then, the RPG has done some growing. We’ve got the info regarding their next content update, Necromancy, scheduled to go live on August 7th, 2023. Here’s a full trailer for it.

To sum it up, a new RuneScape update focusing on Necromancy will drop that will incorporate a new combat style to challenge both experienced and new players.

Players will be asked to enter the underworld of Gielinor to speak with and free the undead. As a community, your mission is to defeat the first necromancer and perfect their Necromancy combat, Rituals, and Runecrafting skills.

RuneScape Necromancy scene

The folks over at RuneScape have provided a link to release date information and useful tips as to how to prepare for the new content. This includes a list of useful quests to complete, such as “Kings Ransom,” “Ghosts Ahoy,” and “The Jack of Spades.”

In addition, they are providing double experience points from July 28th for 48 hours so that everyone can get in on the fun. A full link to what they are offering can be found here.

For those who don’t know about RuneScape, it is called “one of the most endearing and unique MMOs available” by PC Gamer. RuneScape has been ever-expanding for more than 20 years and has welcomed over 350 million player accounts.

Set in a medieval fantasy sandbox chock-full of gods, warring races, dungeons, and of course, plunder, you create a character who can develop on their own accord with 28 diverse skills for ultimate freedom.

Necromancy will be free for players up to level 20, and RuneScape is available now on PC, Steam, iOS, and Android, complete with cross-platform progression and play on PC and mobile.

Have you played RuneScape? Are you going to give Necromancy a try on August 7th? Let us know in the comments!

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