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It is truly amazing how dependent I have become to my iPhone.  There seem to be an endless number of tools no longer needed because of the abilities of this little device and the number keeps growing.  When I first started using an iPhone, I decided to set an alarm for the morning and abandon my old alarm clock.  In fact, the alarm clock I used was a gift from my younger brother when I went off to college back when I was 18 years old.  The clock was nothing fancy, but it always worked and I had used it for almost half of my life.  A power outage gave me the idea to start using my phone to spur me out of bed and the old alarm clock finally outgrew its purpose.  After waking to the same tone every morning, I began the habit of changing every few months to keep my annoyance level down each morning.  One evening I wondered if I could program iTunes songs to awake me and found I needed an app for that.  There are many solutions available in the app store, but I settled on Alarm Clock Pro.  Lets take a look.

Alarm Clock Pro is exactly what it name suggests, an alarm clock.  Yes, this sounds simple and is, but the app also brings many features that make this app not only functional, but also quite polished.

? Clock ?
– Gorgeous color LCD display: Blue, Cyan, Green, Orange, Pink, Red and Yellow
– Vertical and horizontal modes
– 12 or 24 hour format
– Show/Hide seconds
– Customizable auto-lock time

? Alarm ?
– Select your song or even playlist as alarm
– 7 built-in alarm sounds: Classic, Digital, School Bell, Cuckoo, Electronic, Old Clock, High Tone
– Super big Snooze/Stop Alarm buttons
– Multiple alarms supported
– Sound/Music ON/OFF,
– Sound/Music volume adjustable
– Snooze ON/OFF
– Snooze time customizable
– Vibrate ON/OFF
– Sound/Music Fade In: Wake up gently in the morning!
– Alarm works even screen is locked or iPhone/iPod touch is in silent mode

As seen in the photos, the screen turns into an old style digital clock, similar to the old clock my brother gave me.  As graphics go, this is pretty much it.  Simply choose from one of the seven colors and the clock is ready to go.  My clock is set to blue since that is the school color where I coach.  Gotta bleed blue!!!  The beauty of the app is the customizable features to make the clock exactly what you want.  Everyone’s clock will become a truly unique tool for each individual. Leaving the application running at night will use battery life, so make sure some sort of charger is being used.  My wife and I have a dual iPhone charging dock next to the bed, so my alarm stays on all night and charges simultaneously.  The clock works in both portrait and landscape orientations.

The main reason I bought this app was to have the freedom to wake up to my music.  Even though the app provides a number of unique alarm sounds, I only use the music feature.  Setting a song is super easy and you can choose one song to play every morning or create or use a play list and wake up to different music.  I created a small play list with a collection of music that will wake me up and foster a good mood.  Nothing that will startle me or annoy me.  Changing or adding music is just a few taps away and keeps waking up fresh and new.

Even though the screen is simple and never really changes, there are some features you need to know about.  To change the brightness of the screen, slide a finger up or down the screen to brighten the dim.  This comes in handy in a dark bedroom where the annoyance of an alarm clock glow may hamper a sound sleep.  For those late night trips to the restroom, shake the phone and the screen turns bright white to be used as a flashlight.  Shake the phone again to toggle back to the clock.

Sometimes it is the simple things in life that work the best.  Alarm Clock Pro is a simple app that performs a task most of us take for granted.  The app does the task very well and throws in some nice features to make it a complete and polished offering.  If your old alarm clock needs replacing or your iPhone alarm is boring, Alarm Clock Pro is a perfect addition to your daily application arsenal.  I truly use this app once a day, so it is definitely one of the most used on my phone.  Never be late again and wake up in a great mood since you choose the music.  Alarm Clock Pro can be found here in the app store and will only cost $.99.

What I like: The ability to create a shuffled play list to wake up to.  The clock graphic reminds me of a real clock.

What could be improved: If only it would have breakfast ready for me!!!

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