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September 24, 2010 • Reviews

iPhone App Review- Doodle Cam

Remember this video? (Or see it on YouTube if you are too young to actually “remember” it?) Back in the day when MTV was actually all about Music Videos (go figure) there were a few stand-out videos that had effects that, at the time, truly “wowed”! Fast forward a few years and you can now use your iPhone or current gen iPod touch to do exactly the same thing… and more!

The app is Doodle Cam and it costs just $1.99. It comes from the same developer who recently released Vintage Video Maker, an app that makes your iPhone and iPod touch videos looks as if they are old movies. That app is fun. Doodle Cam is even more fun… it lets you shoot video and, in real time, see whatever it is that you are recording as if it were a hand drawn, cartoon animation. It offers 11 different effects and works amazingly well.


It also offers a host of different settings.


These pictures from the App Store give you some idea of what it can do.


Here are some more. But the best way to get a real sense is… to see it.

Doodle Cam is a lot of fun although I should note that I had some issues getting the longer videos off my iPhone at times. I’m not sure what was going on but it didn’t keep me from really enjoying this app.

(My thanks to Meni for letting me know about it… that’s his family in the second half of the video.)

Doodle Cam is $1.99 in the App Store.

What I Like: fun; easy to use

What Needs Improvement: The sharing and downloading functionality.

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