Lenovo Releases Their First AMD-Powered M-Series ThinkCentre Windows 7 PC, and We’ll Be Giving One Away Soon!

This is just a heads up! Lenovo and AMD have joined together to create the new M75e ThinkCentre, and the specs are pretty impressive …

The ThinkCentre M75e is an enterprise-class mainstream desktop designed for cost-conscious large enterprises and public segments. This is the first M-series ThinkCentre desktop featuring the powerful AMDTM processor AMDTM VISION Pro Technology. The ThinkCentre M75e offers high performance, multi-monitor capability, manageability and energy-efficiency. Built on the AMDTM VISION Pro technology that is known for reliability and performance, the ThinkCentre M75e supports processors up to AMD PhenomTM II Quad CoreTM Bx series – delivering the exceptional computing power required to carry out superior multitasking activities. The ThinkCentre M75e also offers 4 DIMMs that provide faster data transfers and allow businesses to expand their PC’s RAM capacity when needed. To optimize productivity, the Lenovo Enhanced Experience for Windows® provides faster boot-up and shut-down times. With an advanced integrated graphics card, the ThinkCentre M75e is equipped to run any line of applications without any performance delays.

The M75e will support up to 16GB of DDR3 RAM (1333 or 1066 MHz) and with the ATI Radeon HD 3000 integrated graphics card, and like other ThinkCentre’s, it will be easy-peasy to open and upgrade.

As with the Lenovo A63 Desktop we reviewed (and then gave away!), the M75e will support dual independent displays out-of-the-box (one connective via DVI and the other with VGA).  To quote Clinton Fitch (whose site will also be participating in the giveaway), “Here is where the AMD relationship really becomes key:  AMD owns ATI which of course uses AMDchipsets as well.  In November,  ATI will release the ATI HD5450 Graphics card.  Plug one of the HD5450s into the M75e ThinkCentre and you get QUAD independent displays!  This is a real step forward.  In Intel-based solutions, if you plug in a graphics card it will disable the onboard video card.  Not so on the M75e and the HD5450.  Now if you need a boatload of screen real estate, you can have it in an easy-to-manage way.”

Some configurations of the M75e ThinkCentre are ES5.0 certified Green and have sub-30 second boot times. The M75e comes in two form factors – “Tower” or “Small Form Factor Tower”, and both come pre-loaded with Windows 7 (Home, Home Premium or Professional depending on configuration). Pricing for the M75e ThinkCentre will start at $299.

As they have done in the past, along with a select group of other sites, Lenovo will be sending us a new M75e to post about and give away. I am not yet sure which tower model will be sent or given away, but I do know that the giveaway unit will come with two monitors (I believe that they will be the ThinkVision L1951p, but don’t hold me to it!) so that our winner can enjoy the dual independent display functionality immediately.

I’ll have more details on this contest in the next month or so. I am pretty sure it will all conclude in time to give one of our readers a fantastic holiday season!

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