iPad App Update- GoodReader For iPad Gets Even Better

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iPad App Update- GoodReader For iPad Gets Even Better Listen to this article


Since I use my iPad for work a great deal of the time I have tried a host of productivity apps over the six months I have owned it. This includes my checking out almost every PDF reader in the App Store. Eventually I settled on GoodReader as my PDF app of choice. The reasons for this are numerous. It is easy to use, full featured, constantly improving and… most importantly for me, it renders pages quickly. This is especially important for me since I have replaced most every book- include my prayerbook- with my iPad. I NEED it to go from one page to the next quickly! (I also love that it can render PDFs as if they are books. To go from one page to the next you just flick your finger to the side just the way you turn pages in iBooks or the Kindle app.)

Well GoodReader for iPad just got a major bump in usability AND it is currently just $.99 in the App Store… that is truly a bargain for such a great app.

So what’s new in GoodReader version 3? First and foremost GoodReader now not only lets you read PDFs but it lets you annotate them too. With the new version you can add notes, highlights, markups and drawings. These can then be save for later viewing. You can even come back and edit it further OR edit it on a different iPad or computer. But that’s not all. The new version of GoodReader for iPad makes it possible to select and copy text directly in a PDF document.

Bottom line- GoodReader was a good PDF app before and is not even better. It is, without a doubt, one of the most important productivity apps on my iPad. And at just $.99 for the current version (for a limited time) it is a steal.

You can get it here in the App Store.

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