AT&T International Day Pass: New Plan Makes International Data Affordable

I travel out of the country a minimum of three times per year, and in the past, I have had to find other options than AT&T (my carrier) because using their international plan just didn’t make financial sense. The new AT&T International Day Pass changes all of that.

AT&T International Day Pass: New Plan Makes International Data Affordable

This is what international data rates used to look like with AT&T …

AT&T International Day Pass: New Plan Makes International Data Affordable

The old way. Bleh.

Rather than paying $120 for 30 days use of up to 800MB (and then 15¢ per MB in overages), which I could easily blow through in a day or two, AT&T now has a plan where you can use your usual data and call plan overseas – for just $10/day.

The new AT&T International Day Pass allows you to talk and text all you want, which is great, but it also allows you to use your existing data plan in over 100 countries. Rather than being charged “per minute, message, or megabyte while traveling, you‘ll pay just $10 a day per device for any 24-hour period you use your device in an International Day Pass country.”

With the new AT&T International Day Pass, you can:

  • Add it to each device one time, and it will be available whenever you travel within the 100+ countries unless you remove the feature.
  • Use in our most popular destinations in Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean – like the U.K., France, Italy, China, India, Jamaica and the Bahamas – as well as all of Central and South America.
  • Access your plan data and get unlimited calls within International Day Pass countries and back to the U.S., as well as unlimited texts to the world at no additional charge.

The one caveat seems to be that “International Day Pass feature may be removed if international voice, text, or data usage exceeds 50% of total voice, text, or data usage for two consecutive months,” but if you are simply traveling for work for a week or so at a time, that shouldn’t hurt you.

This new plan will be available starting Friday this week — just in time for my upcoming trip to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress. Yay!

If you travel internationally, and you want to take advantage of this new option, you can head over to myAT&T and add AT&T International Day Pass to your devices.

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