SpookyTones Helps Your iPhone Get Its Ghoul On

SpookyTones Helps Your iPhone Get Its Ghoul On

If you are a fan of both Halloween and customized ringtones for your mobile devices, then what we have here is a bit of convergence for you.  If you want to “spookify” your iPhone a bit, point your broom toward Electric Pocket’s space in the iTunes App Store and check out SpookyTones, a Halloween version of its MailTones app.

SpookyTones allows you to assign distinct, frightening tones to your contacts, and then, rather than the traditional, boring email alert, your iPhone cackles, thumps, or rattles its chains.  Prefer giving the ghouls the silent treatment?  SpookyTones will also let you set certain contacts to silent, so you’re not frightened by the boss’ emails again.

In order to use SpookyTones, you’ll need to be able to – and be comfortable with –  forwarding a copy of your email through the Electric Pocket servers.  Be sure you check this out before purchasing the app.

Once the scary season is over, you might want to check out Electric Pocket’s related product, MailTones, for which you can find Dan’s review here, and FestiveTones, their winter holiday season app (Larry’s review is here).

SpookyTones is available here in the App Store  for $.99.

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