Random Cool Video: Daft Punk’s ‘Derezzed’ from Tron: Legacy

Random Cool Video: Daft Punk's 'Derezzed' from Tron: Legacy

I have made no attempt to cover my fanboy enthusiasm about the upcoming Tron: Legacy, noting both the trailer and doing a Netbook Gamer review of Tron 2.0. We are less than 2 months away from the release of the new film, and have just gotten a new treat!

The video below is a sort of ‘music video meets trailer’, a 2+ minute vignette featuring some all-new scenes from the movie, voice-over from Jeff Bridges, and of course the featured song ‘Derezzed’ from Daft Punk.

The song is a sort of techno that at once hearkens back to the amazing Wendy Carlos soundtrack from the original (of course THAT is back on my iPod right now!) while also sounding thoroughly modern and having a bright and energetic techno feel. It is cool stuff that really helps propel the fast-paced action sequences.

I really can’t wait – we don’t often go to the theaters, but I’ve made it clear. This is one I plan to see on the big screen!

How about you – are you planning to go? What about 3D – will you see it in 3D or 2D? And how do you like the music compared to what Wendy Carlos did for the original?

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