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March 7, 2012 • News

Which Muppet Would Survive in the Arena?

It seems like everyone in my social circle, from Gear Diary to Facebook to coworkers, are anxiously awaiting The Hunger Games. Know who else is excited for them? Surprisingly, The Muppets!

They’ve released a spoof trailer to go along with the DVD release of The Muppets, and if you’ve seen The Hunger Games trailer way too many times, or you’re just sick of it every time you turn on the TV, you’ll crack up at the Muppet-y take on the upcoming movie! Personally, my money’s on Miss Piggy…like she’d let anyone else hog the spotlight!

Via eBooknewser

2 Responses to " Which Muppet Would Survive in the Arena? "

  1. gorkon says:

    Ok that’s awesome! 🙂

  2. cgavula says:

    I have no real television and I”ve never even heard of THe HUunger Games, but Muppet spoofs are always fun!

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